Dragons sit down with Junior Annabel Krienke

­Interview with Camberwell Dragons GU12.3 Annabel Krienke

Dragons sat down with Annabel Krienke to chat to her about her recent achievement of winning MVP in the season championship match won by the GU12.3 two weeks ago.  This is a great achievement in itself, but Annabel has actually won this award twice this season, as she also won it during the team’s championship win at the Eltham/Dandenong tournament in January earlier in the season.  This is an amazing accomplishment for any player, but it’s particularly special given Annabel is currently the Camberwell Dragons’ youngest player…..


CD: How did you feel when you won MVP in two such important matches for Camberwell Dragons?

AK: I felt very happy and excited!

CD: You came to the Dragons from the Bulleen Boomers domestic competition.  What made you decide to play for the Camberwell Dragons instead of playing rep basketball with Bulleen?

AK: Bulleen wouldn’t have selected me for rep basketball because I was so young.

CD: How many seasons have you played for Bulleen and Camberwell Dragons?

AK: I’ve played six domestic seasons for Bulleen and one rep season for the Dragons.

CD: So then how old were you when you started playing rep basketball?  Why did you decide to start playing so young, given that means you will have to play four seasons in U12s?

AK: I was seven when I started playing rep basketball this time last year.  I decided to start playing rep basketball so young because I wanted to get really good at basketball.

CD: So this season you were the youngest player in the youngest Dragons team by 18 months.  Did being so young ever make a difference?

AK: No it didn’t really make any difference.  Everyone was very accepting and I made great friends with everyone.

CD: It must have been very special when the team won the season championship.  What was the best moment in the game for you?

AK: When I took on the really tall number 11 from Ringwood. (CD: This girl was twice Annabel’s height and Annabel still scored right over the top of her attempted block!)


CD: What has been the best thing about playing rep basketball for Camberwell Dragons in your first season?

AK: Getting to know new people and making lots of new friends.

CD: So we know you play a lot of basketball.  Do you do any other activities?  Which activity do you love best?

AK: I also swim, play tennis and learn dancing.  But I love playing basketball the most.

CD: You come from a pretty large family don’t you?  Do all your brothers and sisters play basketball too?  How do mum and dad manage to get you all to your games?  They must be super organised!

AK: I have one younger brother and four older sisters and yes they all play basketball (well Josh is just about to start).  Mum and dad get us all to all our games and it helps that two of my sisters play in the same domestic team and my oldest sister is a coach, so she helps with the driving too.

CD: Either mum or dad and at least some of your brothers and sisters watch every one of your games.  They all must be very proud of how you are playing.  How did your family feel when you won your MVP awards?  Did you get any kind of special treatment when you won them?

AK: My family are very supportive of me and were very happy when I won my awards.  I got a box of my favourite German chocolates when I won MVP.

CD: Some people in the GU12.3s have been calling you our big game secret weapon this season.  What do you do to play so well in the big championship games?  Do you have any special pre-match routine?  Do you ever feel nervous?

AK: I always practice outside at home before every big game and yes I get very nervous.

CD: What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying out to play rep basketball for the Camberwell Dragons for the first time this coming season?

AK: Rep basketball is really fun and you should definitely try out!



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