Orlando Mein, College Scholarhsip

We sat down with Orlando Mein from the Camberwell Mens team, who has recently been accepted into a Canadian college program, where he received a scholarship to play basketball. Heres what he had to say


What College are you going to?
Keyano Collage, going to be playing for the Huskies
When did you start playing basketball?
Started playing when i was about 12
What clubs have you played for?
Balwyn Blazers and Camberwell Dragons
What is your Best junior & senior basketball memory?
Probably going out with the vice president, and just being part of the whole Camberwell family over such a long time
Who has been the most inspirational person for you?
No one in particular just reading and watching about the work ethic that professional athletes put into there sport
What High School did you go to?
Balwyn High School
What is your current job?
I’m one of the cogs in Chen’s corporate empire at QBE
What are you currently studying?
Exercise Science and Human Movement but when i get over to Canada the Degree is similar but called Kinesiology.
Who is your favourite NBA player?
Hakeem Olajuwon and, I know he’s been a bit of a baby, but Dwight Howard is still my favourite player, every since the Orlando days
Who did you tell first when you received the scholarship offer?
My parents and brother were with me when i got the final offer and signed the papers.
What was your first reaction?
Shock! I’m still shocked haven’t felt anything yet..
Has it sunk in yet?
Not at all, I’ve got a feeling it still won’t for a few more weeks.
Who would you like to thank?
Luke Sunderland from the Andrew Bogut Academy who has helped me with my game and getting my name out into the collage world, any young players who are interested should give him a call.
But most of all my parents, hours and hours of driving and support i wouldn’t be the player i am now without them. So i just want to say a huge Thank you!

On behalf of everyone at Camberwell, we would like to thank Orlando for his commitment to helping the club over the past few years and wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Orlando you will be missed on and off the court, and in 4 years time when your a superstar, we look forward to you coming back and taking us to a championship!

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