Mothers Day at Camberwell


This Sunday Camberwell Dragons will host our regular Youth League game in support of all breast cancer patients, survivors and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

On Sunday, it will all be about MUM. Dragons want to pay homage to great work mums do in supporting our club and most importantly our players. Some days it looks as if we have our private cheer-squad and personal chauffeur, our mum’s are there for the triumphs and always there for the losses. Without our mums, many of us would not have the opportunity to play sport and we recognise the great work they to do in supporting us all.

It will be a top of the table clash between the Dragons and Melton who sit 1 and 2 on the Youth League ladder. Tip off will be at 2pm. We encourage all supporters to come along to what will be a great display of top level basketball.

Nearly everyone in the local community knows someone affected by breast cancer and it is a great opportunity for our club to support this great cause.

All door takings from the game will go straight to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the game and thank-you to all mum’s, grandmas and great grandmas for your support day after day.

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