Interview with Caity Tayleur

She is the barometer of the Youth League Women’s team, and one of the most fearless players in the Big V. Caity Tayleur, the 23 year old point guard will play a huge role this weekend in the Grand Final against Sunbury. Coming to Camberwell in 2014 after spending 2 seasons at the Whittlesea Pacers, Caity has made a splash at the Camberwell Dragons. She plays basketball with passion and energy, never gives up, and does not fear getting hurt. In 2015, Caity has established herself as one of the best point guards, and best defensive players in the league. She leads the division in assists with 3.2 per game, is second in steals with 3 per game, and is a a huge factor in why the Dragons have the leagues best defense. Always happy to have a chat, and always smiling, Caity took the time to tell us how she’s feeling before the Youth League Grand Final, and her last ever Youth League game.



CD: In your second season at the Cambewell Dragons what have you enjoyed the most about the club?

CT: From the very first tryout I attended, I was welcomed into the team by everyone and even created friendships that I know will last forever. It’s a great atmosphere at Camberwell and I’m very happy to be apart of it.

CD: There was a huge crowd at the Preliminary Final on Sunday, and we are expecting an even bigger one this weekend. How do you feel playing in front of that many people?

CT: It’s definitely nerve racking to play in front of so many people but it also gets you pumped up and work harder to get the win.

CD: You’re considered one of the leaders of the Dragons team. Which of your newer teammates has most impressed you this season on or off the court?

CT: Every body had a massive impact in some way this season. One in particular would have to be Michelle West who has had a great scoring percentage this season and even scored a three pointer on the buzzer to get us a win against Sunbury the first time we played them.

CD: Sunbury are statistically the best offensive team, what does the team have to do to contain their scoring and get a victory on Sunday?

CT: Sunbury have been named as the best offensive team statistically but we have been named as the best defensive side statistically and I am a true believer that defence wins games. So as long as we play our game and have a few good shooters on the day I think we should be able to come away with a win.

CD: It’s your first Youth League Grand Final, and your last ever Youth League game, Tell us what emotions are going through your head, and how the nerves are?

CT: The nerves have been at an all time high since the semi final and I don’t see them disappearing any time soon. It’s exciting to play a grand final, especially being my last game ever in youth league, just hoping we can pull off a win to finish off a great season 🙂

CD: Finally, send the Dragon supporters one message…

CT: Playing in front of a packed crowd at Balwyn High School last weekend was an amazing feeling, and we want an even bigger one this weekend. Get along to the game and make as much noise as you can, because it really helps the girls! See you all Sunday, and Go Dragons!!!


Youth Grand Final: Camberwell vs. Sunbury – Sun 2pm @ Balwyn High School

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