The Camberwell District Basketball Association AGM is THIS Sunday (22nd October) at 10.00am at Balwyn High School.


To read the minutes from the 2016 AGM please click HERE

The nomination for committee form can be found HERE

The constitution requires a minimum numbers of members to be present (physically or by proxy) before it can take place. If you are unable to attend you can nominate someone you know who will be attending or you can nominate Francis Brennan (President), Tom Sapountsis (Vice President), Linda Mackenzie (Secretary) or Chen Lay Hwa (Treasurer) to act as your proxy.

For a proxy voting form please click HERE

Who can vote:

  1. Players who are 18yrs old or older.
  2. Parent/guardian who is first point of contact for a player under 18 yrs, only one parent/guardian per player.
  3. Members of the Committe

The Agenda for this year’s AGM can be found HERE


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