For over 26 years, Camberwell District Basketball Association has grown from a small family club into a dynamic Association. 

In our Junior Domestic competition for Summer 2022/23 there are 494 teams (4,662 participants).  We had an unprecedented 1,078 participants attend tryouts for our Junior Representative program.  As a result, we have 58 teams (580 participants) registered for the VJBL 2022/2023 season.  Our Senior Representative (BigV) program will again have 4 participating squads, 2 in the Youth League competition and 2 in the senior competition (60 participants).  That equates to 5,300 individuals playing basketball as part of CDBA.

Add to this our Facebook and Instagram social media channels, reaching 31,148 with 70,521 visits in the past twelve months*.  *28 October 2021 to 27 October 2022, Dragons and CBL identities.  Source META Analytics.

Let’s have a look at some options.

2023 Dragons BigV Player Partnerships – click HERE for prices and application form.

We have put together two (2) value added options for the 2023 season and believe they both represent excellent opportunities for your investment.  The opportunities are open now and are valid to 31 October 2023, not just for the season.  You can elect to partner with a specific player or we can select one for you.  Both options cover that player’s fees for the season and just think what that would mean to one of our athletes.  Aligning your business with Camberwell Basketball is aligning your business with Community!

2023 CDBA Partnerships

Camberwell Basketball exists to serve our community with our priority being player inclusion, engagement and participation.  We also offer development and pathways programs to players, coaches, referees and officials.  The Association is on a significant growth trajectory.  There isn’t a better time to partner with a sporting association that provides a unique opportunity for business development that traditional advertising does not. 

We’d really love to hear from you after you’ve had a chance to read our Partnership Presentation HERE.

For further information or to take up an option, please contact:

Craig Davidson | Communcations Manager | Partnerships | 0481 354 453