At Camberwell we require our beginners to be at least 14 years of age. The referees beginner course involves  both theory and practical sessions over several weeks. At the completion of the beginners course, you will be graded to a Level 1C, and will referee domestic basketball if you can:

-Achieve all C Grade referee competencies on court
-Pass C Grade exam
-This is awarded by a referee coach

From Level 1C, the requirements to be accredited as Level 1B are:

-Minimum of 6 months referee experience
-Attend B Grade Referee Course
-Achieve all B Grade referee competencies on court
-Pass B Grade exam

In order to become a Level 1A referee:

-Minimum of 12 months referee experience
-Attend A Grade Referee Course
-Achieve all A Grade referee competencies on Court
-Pass A Grade exam

Once you become Level 1A grade official, you may be nominated by your Referee Advisor to officiate on the Victorian Representative Panel:

-Level 1A referee for at least 12 months
-Nominated by local advisor for State Junior Championship Panel (VJBL)
-Referees selected from VJBL to National Junior Championships  (U14 to U 21)

Full details on the VBRA pathway can be found at: