Young talent shines on Big V game night

There’s a lot more to putting on a Big V game night at Balwyn High School than simply rolling out the ball and letting two teams go at it.

Let’s face it, anyone who’s had to operate the clock in a close game on any day or night of the week will tell you that! Go on, raise your hand now if you’ve ever walked away from a game wondering how and why you were suddenly answering to the name “Clock”.

At Camberwell, we’re grateful for the work our people do at our Big V games, and it was particularly satisfying to see the make-up of our score table at Balwyn for Saturday’s Youth League One clash between the Dragons and Coburg.

Joining the coach of our 14.5 Girls, Michael Gillett, was, from left to right, James from our 16.1 Boys team, Adrian from the 16.4s, and Kayla from the 18.2 Girls.

We can’t say for sure, but the word in the gym on game night was it may just have been the youngest-ever Dragons score table!

Great work, team. Thank you on behalf of the club for supporting our senior Dragons, and we look forward to seeing you on game nights for a long time to come.

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