Team Managers


With teams and coaches now in place for 2012/13, volunteer Team Managers are required for each team.

Being a Team manager is a critical role within the club as there is no doubt that efficient off-court organisation contributes towards the players, parents and coach’s enjoyment of the season. The main responsibilities are to:

· Facilitate the communications between the coach, players and their families, and Dragons administration

· To pay for and fill in the Score sheet prior to each game, usually by operating a ‘kitty’ system for the team

It is possible to divide these responsibilities to share the load if there is more than one person interested in assisting the team.

Please notify your interest in this critical role to the club to ASAP as team sheets will be prepared in the coming days.

In the event that volunteers do not come forward the club will randomly assign a parent from each team to perform this essential team function.

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