The 12/1 boys were entered into division 1 for the tournament. They finished 1-3 over the weekend, however had a +16 overall margin, which can be attributed to the 3 nail biting losses.

Our first game saw us come up against Frankston 2, who are in our grading phase 1 pool (and who we are playing this Friday). After a good first half and some solid defence to start the second half, we found ourselves up 27-16 with 9 minutes remaining. However, the ring had a lid on it from there on, and Frankston clawed back to win by 2 points. The boys played well but didn’t “put their foot down” like they need to when they have a lead.

Our second game was against Sale Sonics, from country Victoria. The boys shared the ball much better this game, and came out with a 53-30 win as a result.

Our third game was against Pakenham 1, who are also a grading phase 1 pool 2 team, same as us. Pakenham were undoubtedly the best team we played all weekend and the boys played their best game of the entire season so far. As frustrating as the 2 point loss was, Pakenham lead by as much as 9 in the second half and we stayed competitive throughout.

After this game, we headed once more back into Mornington, this time for breakfast. Between Hudson asking me 1028 questions in 45 minutes and James eating a meal that most adults wouldn’t finish, the players once again found themselves having a great time together.

Our final game was against another team from the same pool as us on Friday nights,  Waverley 1. We had a slow first half and got down by 8 with 6 minutes remaining, however strung together 6 quick points to make it a 2-point game with 4 minutes to play. Unfortunately, a few defensive lapses found us with a 2-point loss. This game was our best offensive game for the tournament, with the spacing and ball movement being fantastic.

We just have to bring it home against Frankston this week!

And to finish:

Hudson (aka Mr Inquisitive)- the smallest guy with the biggest heart, who never ceases to amaze me with his non- stop “Conor!”, followed by *enter question of choice about any possible topic*.

James- managed to eat 2 eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, tomato and down a milkshake 44 minutes before the start of a game. The epitome of success right there.

Harrison- followed through on his claims that he was the loudest clapper and screamer “ever”, with some ear-shattering pitches emitted.

Charlie- never met a kid with so much energy. His energy levels never dip below 100. This obviously brings more amusement at 8pm than it does at 8am…

Henry- the quiet one who occasionally does something unexpected and shocks everyone. We all know the type I mean!

Jordan (aka Leonardo DiCaprio)- missed a game because he had acting duties. If the basketball career falls through, at least the acting career is there as a backup!

Lachie- deserves the nickname “Mr Fundamental”. Rock solid player on the court, and a reliable person with a great attitude off it.

Luke – who managed to specialise in spilling his drink and making everyone laugh.

A massive thanks to TM Sue Truscott, her organisational skills are second to none. Also, thanks to all the parents for being there to support their children, and participating in all the off-court stuff as well. Everyone had a great weekend! Go Dragons! (Conor Mathews – coach)


Having been put in a higher grade than we should have been, the U12 3s were expecting some tough competition heading into the weekend, which was clearly evident in our first match, taking a big loss to Frankston. However, the boys kept their heads up and were determined to get a better result next game.

Our second game saw us take on Sandringham at 8am the following morning. Although all the players (plus coaches!) were extremely tired, their level of energy and effort throughout the entire game was infectious. After trailing for a majority of the game, the boys found themselves within 4 with 2 minutes two go. After a few steals and scores, we were down 1 with 3 seconds left. We were fouled on a shot with 1 second on the clock, and were able to tie the game up before the final buzzer, a great result against some tough competition!

Waverley was our next opponent, who proved to be our toughest matchup for the tournament. Although the boys put up a great fight, playing an improved brand of basketball, the other team were hitting all their shots, beating us by a large margin.

Although suffering a large loss, the boys did not drop their heads. They came out firing in our next game against Kilsyth, determined to finish off the weekend with a win. Through use of great ball movement and giving all the energy they had left, the boys were able to maintain a lead for most of the game. Some costly turnovers in the dire stretches of the game saw the game tied at the end of regulation, another result we were happy with considering the opposition.

Huge shoutout to all the boys who played in their first rep tournament. Their bond over the weekend led to them giving it all they had in each game, and we could not be happier with the progress they have made over the last weeks!

Thanks once again to all the parents who made the effort to drive their kids around to offer their support, and thanks to our TM Maggie for all the work she has done behind the scenes! Go the Dragons! (Tom and Luke – coaches)


The team had an outstanding tournament, with a mixture of positive skill and team development, social interactions, and confidence and leadership building.

We went 3W and 1L, the loss being a close 4 point encounter against pool 1 team McKinnon1. The boys played outstanding transition offense in all games, including scoring an impressive 60 points against Wonthaggi1 in which every player scored, and we made progress in improving our defence.

The off-court highlights included pizzas at Mornington Brewery and bike riding at Shoreham (see picture).
Although we were squeezed out of a grand final berth on percentage, the coaches felt that we ended the tournament on the right note with a win and without significant injury or fatigue.

Particular credit goes to team manager Alison, for her immaculate planning and organisation, and Megan for use of their holiday house on Sunday. BTW the parents and supporters had a good time too. (Mike Muntisov – coach)


The 14.2 boys had a very successful tournament campaign being undefeated with 2 draws and 2 wins against some really tough and higher level competition.

The boys enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other better and gelled really well. The strong defence by every player made our transition offence very effective in scoring points.

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the boys on playing with tremendous team effort and enjoying their time on the court.

I am really looking forward to the season ahead. (Michael Walton – coach)



Following a fantastic game (a win) Friday night in Pool six, the U14/3 boys had an excellent tournament over the weekend. Boys started off with a comfortable win against a Ringwood 4. The second game against Sandringham 5 was one of the toughest games the boys had played so far, and the great pressure and shooting of Sandringham saw us down by 4 with 45 seconds to go. Boys fought back and the scores were level with 10 seconds left on the clock but a buzzer beater goal from Sandringham took the game away from us (42-44).

Our third game against Kilsyth 4 (Who are two pools higher in Friday night) was a neck and neck game but our boys kept the defensive pressure to win a low scoring game (27-24). Boys won the final pool game comfortably (43-20) to play in the grand final.

Boys played extremely hard in the grand final with plenty of fire and intensity but unfortunately struggled to finish our shots and went down by 6 points to a very competitive Kingston Academy team.

Nonetheless, Boys proved to themselves what they are capable of when games were more competitive and demanding. Well done to the boys. Thanks to Wayne and Sally for great support as TM. Also a huge thanks to fantastic group of parents who gave amazing support to the team.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing effort and Justin and I couldn’t be more proud. Fantastic weekend for the boys and we look forward to the season ahead. (Dush Kannangara – Coach).


The U14/4 boys lost 3 and won one. The boys improved over the tournament and they now play as a team.

We played against opposition that were in a higher level but the boys held their head high and gave each game their best shot and we won on the last game.

I am very proud how each and every player got along and this tournament was a great introduction to moving forward in rep basketball.

Thank you to all the parents who made my job so much easier ensuring all boys were there on time. (Gerard Mountney – coach)


Our boys won one and were very close in a second game, averaging over 26 ppg.  They played a couple of very good teams – one very disciplined that showed what we might be able to do, and another full of big, highly skilled top age players that did everything with great confidence scoring well in excess of 50 points in three of their four games.  Who makes these competition decisions!?

I hope we learned a lot from every game but particularly our big win where we were switched on for the entire game, contributing to good passing decisions and offensive transition and playing great team defense – hustling the ball carrier, putting bodies on the line and closing driving lanes.  Well done boys.  Our 5v5 offense can improve with as big a willingness to be constructive without the ball – our biggest offensive challenge.

The weekend also allowed us to establish some basic principles on and off court with warm up intensity stepped up; bags, balls and drink bottles arranged early and neatly; and subs running (not walking) on and off court when called.  All good habits for the season.

This is a terrific group and are a pleasure to work with.  Thank you to our parents for giving up their weekend to support their kids. (Scott Parker – coach)


What a tournament these boys had! After entering the tournament in championship division we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Thankfully the boys brought a tremendous amount of effort and enthusiasm to each game we played and the results followed.

It was great to see the boys develop over the weekend and start to understand the importance of controlling their game. Against Frankston, the coaching team decided to take a backseat and the boys steered themselves to a 40 point win. We are extremely proud of the focus that they showed in this game and over the entire weekend.

The boys managed to beat Shepparton in the Championship division grand final by about 15 in the end. Congratulations to all of the boys, everybody did such a great job over the weekend and it was a well deserved medal. Too bad Timmy couldn’t get the MPV (that’s not a typo).

Thanks to Team Noisette (TM and stats) and all of the parents for their efforts of cheering and driving over the weekend, it is greatly appreciated. (Mark Jeffers – coach)


The under 16-2 boys had a challenging weekend, but was overall successful as they were able to improve as individuals and as a team.

Ultimately we finished the weekend with a record of 2 wins, against Craigieburn 2 and Sale 1, and 2 close losses against Moe and Frankston 3. Both losses came right down to the wire with the Moe game slipping through our hands on the buzzer/ there is still plenty for the team for learn, but the tournament has put us in good stead for the upcoming grading games. (Luke Bett – coach)


The boys played in Division 4 and had a bye first up. They commenced the tournament Saturday night with a big win over Waverley 4, Will Elliott hitting a 3 pointer on the siren from the half way line was a big highlight.

The next morning, the boys went down to Blackburn 3 by 8 points after starting strongly and having the lead at half time. The bigger bodies wearing them down in the second half. They bounced back the following match when they beat Mornington 4 convincingly, leading from start to finish.

The final game was against Bulleen 4, whereby whichever team won advanced to the Grand Final. The boys started strongly and took the early lead but were eventually over run in the last 5 minutes and lost by 6 points.

The boys played with a great deal of enthusiasm and as always were well coached. (Tim Seletto – TM)



Scanning the tournament fixture pre tournament told us that we’d be playing some pretty tough teams from higher pools over the weekend. The Under 16-4 Boys weren’t phased by it and approached the weekend with great enthuiasim. For some it was their first tournament which was exciting for them, and coming off a good win on Friday night our spirits were high.

Our first game was played is very hot conditions against Sandringham 4. I have no idea what the inside temperature was, but rain was forecast and we were keen to see it come. While the rain held off outside the stadium, it was raining 3’s inside as we got off to a quick start thanks to our band of outside shooters including Billy Helder and Charlie Maus. We skipped out to an early lead and our good outside shooting opened up opportunities in the paint for the tall timber of Hugh Ferguson, Hudson O’Keffe and Charlie Quartel who went to work against the Sabres at both ends of the floor. Hugh Steer hit a couple of nice mid range jump shots in the second half to seal the game. It was good to be in control early as conditions were not great for running out the full game – we won convincingly 37-25.

In the second round we faced Whittlesea 3. They played the 3’s a few weeks earlier and our intel told us that they were strong and fast and we’d have our work cut out for us. The game started as per expectations and Whittlesea broke to a big lead early. It was a late game for the boys and still hot in the stadium. It looked like we were going to fold, but all of a sudden we sprung to life on the back of  great fast break passing from Alex Noblet, Jackson De Jong picking off passes and some excellent hussle from Hugh Steer. We got to within 6 points on the back of a few long bombs from Billy Helder and some hard working team defence from all of the boys, but we couldn’t quite close the gap, eventually falling short 38-55. We left that night feeling like we’d played well and learnt a lot about how we play as a team.

After a hot and late night on Saturday we faced an early start on the Sunday morning, and while a slow start was on the cards we skipped out to an early lead against Southern Peninsula 3. 5 minutes in this game was in the bag. Unfortunately, the game came back out of the bag. Our scoring dried up and the Sharks shots started to drop. Calvin Lehr was everywhere trying to get the team going and some late game energy from Hudson O’Keffe caught the coaches eye, but we just couldn’t arrest the slide and again we went down 29-42. This was a disappointing loss, but sometimes you get more out of a loss than an easy win.

Our last game was against Ringwood 4, who looked like a very strong team across the board. We’d seen them play in earlier games and knew they were an agressive outfit. We identified some aspects of our game to work on, one of them being to play with great intensity, and we did that. Unfortunately nothing came easy for us in that game and we ground it out to a 28-43 loss.

That meant we went 1-3 for the tournament, but given the calibre of the opposition we played against it was a great effort from the boys. We’ve identified a bunch of things we need to work on at both ends of the floor, and also seen some things that we’ll be able to exploit through the rest of the year. (Dirk Quartel – coach)


The Dragons U16.5 boys team played in Pool 1 of the U16 Boys, Division 6.

Our Saturday games were against Chelsea 6 and Doncaster 3 (ultimately the winner of the Grand Final for Division 6).  Our first game was against Chelsea 6 and it was an extremely hard fought game, in hot conditions, with Chelsea ultimately winning 31-28.  Equal top scorers for the match were Henry Law and Noah Rindt, with 6 points apiece.  Our second game on Saturday was against the eventual winner of the U/16 Boys Div. 6, Doncaster 3.  Doncaster played very tight defence all game and ran out 41-19 winners, but it was a great learning experience for our boys about the value of tough and uncompromising defence!  Finlay Hanson and Tyson Mackenzie top-scored with 4 points apiece.

After a fun team dinner over pizza on Saturday night, the boys came out ready to play on Sunday.  First up, we played Frankston 6 (who came runner up to Doncaster 3 in the Grand Final).  Frankston broke away early, but the boys stepped up the defensive pressure and “won” the last 5 minutes of the first half and the second half of the game.  Henry Law again top scored with 6 points, well supported by Tyson Mackenzie and Declan Hammond with 5 points apiece.  While Frankston prevailed 42-29, the strong defensive pressure applied by the whole team showed the benefit of the lesson from the previous night’s game against Doncaster and set us up well for a strong finish to the tournament.

Our final game was against Ringwood 8, and from the first whistle the boys came out firing.  Intense defensive pressure was applied by the starting 5 resulting in a number of turnovers which we didn’t miss the chance to capitalise upon.  Each bench rotation kept up the pressure and we never let Ringwood back into the game.  Offensively, there was a great spread of scorers, with Henry Law top-scoring with 8 points.

Thanks to coach Colleen Cross, our wonderful scorers, and parents for terrific and positive support across the weekend.  It was a great learning experience for the team, with lots of opportunity to practice our offensive plays and seeing first-hand the sort of strong defensive pressure we can expect as the season goes forward. (Matthew Bubb – TM)


Tough weekend for the 18-1 boys, going 0-4 in Championship Division after a very promising win on Friday night. We started very well against a very big Sandringham (ranked 4th in VJBL) down 7 at half time, before they pulled away in the second half to run out with the win.

Up next against Craigieburn we struggled to rebound and they didn’t struggle to make 3 pointers. We missed a 3 pointer on the buzzer that would have put us up by 1.

On Saturday night we had a poor game and got beaten by Nunawading 2, and on Sunday lost narrowly in a back and forth game to Western Port.

Thanks to Mel (team manager) for organizing everything including a lovely team lunch, and to all parents for transporting, scoring and videoing over the weekend.

Lots of work to do but looking forward to the season ahead! (Pete Maunder – coach)


After a big win on Friday night, the boys went into the tournament full of confidence. Unfortunately, they came up against three pretty tough teams on Saturday and things that had worked on Friday night didn’t come off on Saturday. Saturday’s results: three losses.

To their credit, the boys showed a lot more desperation in Sunday’s game and combined well as a team. They were up for a lot of the game and it was only a couple of losses of concentration towards the end that let the opposition steal the game by a point.

On the face of it, four losses doesn’t sound like a great tournament, but the boys had a fun weekend and bonded over chicken parmas and cokes on Saturday night. The parents also got to know each other better, so all-in-all, the tournament was a success! (Peter Denovan – TM)


The under 18.3 boys got off to a good start with our first game of the tournament down in Chelsea as we got a win to start us off against Waverly in a close game, the boys showed their ability to work together and came down clutch towards the end,

The boys seem to enjoy close games so the next two being no different, suffering a close lose to Chelsea the boys bounced back to come away with a 1 point win against Sandringham.

As we approached our final game for the pool we sat second on the ladder as we looked to face the top sided Philip Island who had cruised through the pool so far as we faced off for the top spot on the ladder, the boys knowing what was ahead of them came ready to play with energy and toughness and weren’t going to back down.

Overall the boys played their best and didn’t go down without a fight keeping it close all the way before Philip Island broke off towards the end, ultimately the best of us came out over the weekend and the boys played as a team and show the terrific makings of one.   (Jarrod Whelan – coach)


The Under 18/4 boys had a fantastic weekend.  On paper the boys were placed one division too high, playing four games against teams 2-4 pools higher than us in VJBL rankings.

We started with the highest ranked of the teams, Ringwood 2.  After leading by one point at half time, the boys were outplayed for a 2-3 minute period and went down by 10.  A great team effort from the 7 boys who were available against a tall opposition.

We then had a great win on Saturday night against Craigieburn 3, followed by a tough loss to Kilsyth 3 on Sunday morning.

The highlight though was a tough, grinding 5 point win on Sunday afternoon against Western Port 2.  With some players unavailable and then an injury in the first two minutes, we had 5 players for the remaining 38 minutes of the 5th game since Friday night.  The boys went 7 down at one point but roared home to get the win.

Well done to all players for a great weekend.  Big thanks to Monica and Andrew for keeping us organised and to our loyal band of supportive parents. (Clayton Sturzaker – coach)



Coming off an amazing Friday night game beating Melbourne 2 by 30pts with only 5 players, we were in for a big weekend!
We Started off the tournament with an 8:00am Game, playing a strong Nunawading team. Although we were still trying to wake up in the first quarter, we did much better in the next three. Thank you Ibby for filling in for our injury prone team 🙂

Our second Game was against Collingwood and by this time we were rearing to go and welcoming Leni back to the team! We had much better energy and worked well as a team. We had a few little scares of more injuries but we are TOUGH and got back to the game! Winning by 3pts.  By this stage we were exhausted and needed a much deserved break, but instead we did some team bonding and used up more of our energy ?.

Our last game on Saturday was against an impressive Keilor team (Who went onto win the Championship). By this stage we were ready for bed but continued to work hard and give our all. We listened to our coaches and implemented some new strategies. We lost this game by a little over 30pts. We will get them next time!

Our final game of the tournament was our best yet! We were all rested up and were ready to go! It ended up being a very exciting game going goal to goal all through the game. We were determined to finish the game off in style landing some quick steals and baskets to seal the game, winning by 2pts. We capped of the game by celebrating Lenis birthday and eating doughnuts and jelly ice-cream!
A fantastic team effort by all players, showing improvement with each game. Thank you to all the parents and players for a super weekend and also to our amazing TM (Megan) for organising the weekend. (Prue Ainsworth – coach)


An Amazing effort from the U12/2 girls team saw them win 3 games and lose one game by only 1 point; this landed the team a place in the finals. After a long hot day which kicked off with an 8am start the girls lost in a tough final game to Kilsyth.  The girls had a great experience and put in a tremendous effort which could not  have been achieved without our wonderful coach Paul – thank you!  Congratulations to the team and our coach for coming runners up in their division! (Connie Gerdsen – Team Manager)



It was very exciting for the girls to compete in their first ever Rep tournament.  We were competitive in all our games winning two and losing two.  The individual highlight was Priya scoring with 3 seconds left in our second game to give us an exciting one point win.

The girls displayed great energy and hustle from the start of the first game to the end of the last. It was pleasing to see our teamwork improve as the weekend progressed, which will help us going into the next phase of games.

Equally important was the bonding off the court with the team enjoying a lovely breakfast on the Saturday.  The “benefit” of having a 8:45am game in Dromana!!!


Thanks to Karen for her expert team manager skills starting the season off on a good note. (Sarah Bacon – coach)


The Southern Peninsula tournament appeared on paper to be a tough one for the 14-2 girls, graded in division 1, above several teams who are ranked higher in VJBL. In hindsight it was exactly the right division . Whilst we won just the one game, we were competitive in all and was a preparation we needed for the remainder of grading.

We played Maffra first, and were very competitive, however their big player was  not only tall, but very skilful and quick, mixing post play with three point shooting, and creating plenty of headaches despite our best defensive efforts. Nevertheless the girls held their ow, but couldn’t quite bridge the gap. In our next game against BT3 who had most of their VC 12 girls from last year, mixed with a few top agers, we started very well, pressuring them and forcing turnovers. We led 17-14 five minutes into the second half. From there thought it was all Bulleen, as they negated our transition game by pulling back into a ¼ Court defence, and punished us under the ring.

The third game against Hawthorn 3 the girls were determined to improve their defensive help and rotation, and did exactly this, restricting Hawthorn 3 to 16 points. Unfortunately, despite appearing to be the better team, by a reasonable margin, we couldn’t do the one thing we needed to capitalize, put the ball in the bucket, and fell four point short. It was however a much better display. In the final match against FR3 who had beaten Hawthorn comfortably earlier, we continued our tough defensive play, and worked hard on our first set offence(Dragon). This time however we were far more clinical in our finishing and jumped to an early lead which we gradually extended to run out comfortable winners.

Highlights for the tournament were Lily’s post play, with some great footwork around the hoop, Charlotte’s defensive help, stopping many opposition baskets, Maeve and Scarlett’s anticipation and reading of the play, picking off many passes, Nelly’s elite transition game, scoring heavily, but also creating for her teammates as the tournament went on, Alana’s ferocious rebounding and constant intense approach, dominating the boards, Lisa’s determination, speed and transition play, Kate’s smart creative play, and ability to defend much taller players, probably second to only Alana on the boards, and last but not least Maddy’s quick defensive footwork and ball pressure, with a particular highlight being her complete shutdown of an ex-dragons player.
Thank you to all parents, with particular thanks to Lou, Jackie and of course assistant coach Lucy. (Duncan Palmer – coach)


The under 14 girls 3’s had a rough draw in a bracket of 2’s and 3’s. The team had some solid passages of play thought out the weekend but finished the tournament 0-4. All and all it was great experience playing against tough teams and the team showed great improvement with each game. (Hayden Woodford – coach)



Two words – WE WON!!





The 14/5 girls showed Great Spirit and “DETERMINATION” throughout every one of our games. We were unable to secure a win, but that did not stop the effort that the tem put in on court for each and every game. With 4 losses, we still managed an average score of 24 points per game. We were in the same pool as Camberwell 14/4 who went onto win the GF. Special mentions go to the highest point scorer Zara Taranto & most improved across the tournament Isabel Lawrie.  So proud of the whole team! Friday night here we come for our first official VJBL game.

Special mention to our Team Manager, Sonya for keeping us organised and supplying the icy poles. (Kerrie Lawrence – coach)


The 16/1 girls had a wonderful Southern Pen tournament. The focus for us was getting through our offenses and trying some different defenses. The group did an awesome job of working together and sticking to our plays.

We had fantastic results in all of our games. First up we had a win to Ringwood, we used the game to get through our plays and run some great transition basketball. The girls also had a super defensive effort, keeping Ringwood to 21 points.

We had losses of 6 and 3 points to Waverley and Altona, but never gave up and kept working right up until the final siren. These were very good results as they are both ranked in the pool above us.

For our last game we played Sandringham 2 and the girls used this game to practice our press and zone and get through our transition. We could not have been happier with the efforts of the girls and the way they all listened and bought into what we as a team had put in.

Thank you to all of the parents and girls for a super weekend. Tom and I are very proud of how you all worked together and improved as a team as the tournament went on. We are looking forward to a ripper season.  (Danni and Tom Fidge – coaches)


After a crushing win on Friday night, the girls’ 16-2 team went to the tournament in high spirits. They showed consistent effort and continued to grow across their four games. Both Frankston 2 (the eventual div winner) and Kilsyth 2 employed a ball screen dominant offence (which we really need to improve defending) to beat us in our Saturday games. Frankston’s size across all ten players was also a challenge while we shot well below our standard against Kilsyth.

Sunday’s 6 point loss to Eltham 3 was tough because we had opportunities late in the game that we let slip. However, we rallied to play a good second half against Westernport and win pulling away by 8 points in our last game.

The team play really good transition basketball both ways and use their athleticism to both harass in defence and attack the ring on offence. We are scoring well from BOBs and SLOBs and need to improve team defence, on court communication and perimeter shooting.

All is on track for a very successful season. (Paul Collins – coach)


The girls first faced up to Warrandyte 2 who they had played the previous night and went down in a well fought and tough match by 9pts.  The Venom delivered polished speed and aggression.  The Dragons were challenged by the get go in hot and sweaty conditions. They all tried hard to penetrate the ball into their key but were many times pressured and therefore passes were clumsy and turnovers ensued.  At times they found their rhythm as a team and scored well but their inconsistency and lack of confidence in themselves to drive and instead passing it off lead again to another turnover.  Nonetheless they kept the Dragons fighting spirit going and learnt a few necessary lessons to play a strong defensive opponent.  Lots of good learnings came out of this game once again.  Score 34 to 13.

Next up was Eltham 5, with only 6 Dragons.  The girls began well and played a much better defensive game with a half court press and learning how to trap.  All players stepped up to take more risks to drive and they paid off.  They backed themselves and each other more.  Well done girls and nice to see you play more as a team.  Score 33 to 7.

The girls continued to work together and produced stronger defensive technique to gain two more wins against the Peninsula Sharks 3, 33 to 24 and Craigieburn 2, 44 to 19.

It was very pleasing to see each player extend themselves both offensively and defensively.  The girls gelled well and played with determination and came away very satisfied with the venture and the risks that they took.  Looking forward to a great season ahead. (Dana Branda-Pawlaczyk – coach).


The 18.2 girls came away from the weekend with 3 wins and 1 loss. Great job girls!

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