The U12-1 boys had a successful weekend overall, both on and off the court. On the court, we found ourselves going 2-2, with convincing double digit wins against Coburg 1 and Maffra 1, and close losses by 6 points or less to Frankston 2 and Nunawading 2. The Nunawading 2 loss on the Sunday morning, had it been a win, would have seen us make the GF, so to be just a few points short of that in a division where in the past we have struggled to pick up even 1-2 wins is very promising. We showed better passages of play as a unit, especially down the defensive end, and the great spread and balance of talent on the team meant I am able to utilise every player fairly equally, another redeeming quality of this team that gives me confidence going forward. Off the court, we enjoyed waffles, runs on the beach and plenty of team bonding time. We are definitely heading the right direction as a team and I have lots of confidence going into grading that we will keep improving. Thanks to our TM Jo (and Tony) for keeping us all organised and to our terrific parent group for driving the boys around all weekend! (Conor Mathews – Coach)


The 12/2 boys were put into Division 2 for the tournament and had an amazing weekend. The boys ended up 2-2 from the weekend, but it was great to watch and observe the improvements made throughout the weekend. The highlight of the weekend was beating Chelsea 1 by 1 point. They are ranked three pools above us and was great to watch our defence and extra passing step up, which was what ultimately won us the game. After being 8 points down within the first five minutes, the boys fought through the whole game and got super rowdy on the bench to help bring a victory. The competitiveness from all the games was great for the boys as it allowed them to gain a better understanding of how each other play and grasp different concepts on both sides of the court. The weekend allowed players to bond and create friendships both on and off the court. A huge thanks to our team manager, Amy, for keeping the weekend organised with games and team brunches, and another huge thanks to the rest of the parents for all the support for the players and myself. (Jaden Lai – Coach)


A great weekend and experience for the U12/4’s with 4 games against tough opponents generally being from higher grades. With all of the boys playing being bottom age and in their first season of REP and with most of them not having played together before, the weekend was all about them spending time together on the court and the coaches getting greater insight into each boys playing style and development ahead of the first grading game. We opened our account against a fast-starting Coburg 3 going down by 28 points but with scores being equal in the second half as the boys got over some initial shell shock. Our second game was against a tall and athletic Whittlesea who went on to win the Grand Final easily. The boys fought hard going down by 29 points with the coaches being impressed with how committed the boys stayed throughout the game. The next two games were much tighter as they started to gel and work together with defence and passing improving out of sight. Going down by 8 points to Ringwood 3 despite leading by a point with 2 and a half minutes to go was an impressive result. The boys then closed the weekend out with an 11 point loss against McKinnon 4 which would have been a different result if we had been able to look after the ball a little better. The boys have a lot to look forward to through the season. (Dale Fitzgerald and John Wells – Coaches)


The 14.1s boys played in the championship division for the tournament.  This division was extremely challenging but a fantastic opportunity for the boys to play against some very tough oppositions. Considering the level of competition, the boys played very well and showed massive improvement in effort and self-confidence as the tournament went on.

In our first game at the early hour of 8am, we had a rocky start, and quite nervous against a strong opponent in Kilsyth 1s. Unfortunately, our nerves got the better of us, resulting in some easy turnovers and eventually going down by 24 points. Despite the result on the scoreboard, the boys stayed competitive and worked well together defensively to slow Kilsyth’s scoring, working hard until the siren sounded.

Our next game saw us come up against Mornington 1s, a team we will be facing early in grading. Size-wise we matched up well against them, helping to settle the nerves and have us focus on playing our brand of basketball. Offensively each player worked hard to contribute, and our team’s defence put a lot of pressure on Mornington forcing them wide for their shots. Unfortunately, our opposition had a better finish and we went down by 11 points. Despite a disappointing loss, the boys kept the intensity and matched the fast pace and really left Mornington having to fight hard to earn their win.

In our third and final game for the day, we were faced with a very intimidating and tall Hawthorn 1s. Our key focus in this game was to maintain resilience and a positive, motivating energy on and off the court despite what the scoreboard depicted. This was definitely our best game for the tournament, as regardless of what Hawthorn threw at us, we continued to play our own game and kept our voices loud, only going down by 32. Our defensive effort was remarkable as we stayed loud on the court, closed out strong and played off of their screens efficiently, holding some strong Hawthorn point guards to minimal points and making their 6’3 players earn their scores and rebounds. Offensively, we spaced the floor well, and refused to let Hawthorn’s defence dictate our structure, earning points from all around the floor. A massive amount of resilience in this tough game, was good to see everyone’s heads up during and after the game.

In our final game we faced Sandringham, who also had some big size and some good outside shooters. We started off a bit slow and quiet, which saw Sandringham hold a 16-point lead at halftime. For the second half we found our feet and lifted the voice on and off the court, producing some fast and aggressive team efforts from us. We had narrowed the margin to 3 points with two minutes left, but Sandringham sealed the victory through free throws with eleven seconds to go, seeing us go down by 5. The boys did a great job carrying a hand to the outside shooters and protecting the basket to reduce the impact their size had on the scoreboard. Offensively we made some good transitions down the court and scored quickly and smartly to keep ourselves in the game, and the supportive talk from the bench seemed to motivate us to keep up the intensity and put Sandringham under pressure.

Overall the boys put in a massive effort as a team to take on such tough competition, but they really showed that they belonged through their skill, intensity, teamwork and heart – they should be very proud of themselves! A huge thank you to the parents, especially our TM Sue, for organising the boys and cheering loudly throughout the weekend. Looking forward to a promising season next year! (Michael Walton and Ruby Young – Coaches)


WE WON!!!!!


I would like to congratulate all my players for a tremendous effort over the weekend and despite some tough games, all the boys dug really deep in the last game to get our second win of the tournament over Ivanhoe Darebin. In other two games against Chelsea and East Burwood the results did not demonstrate how well the boys played, it was fantastic to see the non-stop team spirit displayed by the boys.

I am extremely happy with how the team performed, and the tournament proved to be a great bonding experience, particularly the last game which highlighted just how much they developed as a team during the few intense games.

I am really looking forward to the new season that awaits the 14.3 boys team.

Thanks also to Megan and all the parents for organising and helping throughout the weekend. (Stephen McGuinness – Coach)

The 14.3 boys played four competitive games across the weekend and came up short in only 2 of the 4 games. 

The boys played well together with great enthusiasm and team spirit.   

Big shout out to all the parents for driving the kids around and scoring throughout the weekend!

The results were:
Loss to Chelsea 3: 26-47
Win to Western Port 4 to : 49 – 36
Loss to East Burwood : 20 – 39
Win to Ivanhoe Darebin 2: 31 – 25 (Megan Johnson – Team Manager)


The Tournament was a lot fun for the boys (and parents too) and a great way of getting to know each other. As a team we discussed that our focus for the tournament would be centred on 3 key areas:

  1. Use of voice – offence and defence, on the court and off the court
  2. Speed of Transition
  3. Consider the Pass option before dribbling (with head down).

Round 1 – It was an early start on Saturday morning against Ringwood and I am not sure the boys were quite ready to play as we only had 9 points (up by 2 points) after the first 14 minutes. But then the alarm clock went off and the boys woke up – we started passing, using our voice and looking for the better option. We went onto secure our first win 48-16 with everyone contributing on the scoreboard.

Round 3 –  Well after a long break of almost 7 hours before our next game (as Round 2 was a Bye) the boys played like a true team putting all of the three focus areas together. Our pressure and intensity was our best to date and we won the game 70 -15 against Southern Peninsula 3. Again everyone contributed to the scoreboard and we played as a team. I am certain though, that the score was helped by the support of the Dragons 3 Cheers Squad (who by the way played before us and won). They made plenty of noise and shared their enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you to Coach Stevie and the team (parents included too)!

Round 4 – Sunday morning start at 8am in Dromana to take on the undefeated local Western Port 3 Team. I don’t drink coffee, but up at 6am on a Sunday, meant I needed my caffeine Coca Cola fix to focus on the task ahead. It was a bit of a grind, but the boys were awake with slick passing and tight defence we went on to win 37 -26.

Round 5 – At a civilised hour against Ringwood’s other team in the Division, we won 29-22, but we were showing signs of fatigue and we were pleased to have had four wins from our four games.

Grand Final – Off to the big dance to play against a local team “Party Pies”. Well it didn’t quite to go to plan to start, with the score 0 -17 before we registered our first points. The team was rattled and the opposition too good with the score at half time 5 – 31. We composed ourselves and began playing our game to equal our opposition in scoring in the second half, but not the game with the final score 22-48 against a very well drilled team. None the same we learn from our losses and the team can be proud to have represented the Dragons and played so well during the tournament to be Runner’s Up..

A special mention to Jack Massey who collected the MVP Tournament Division Award along with a monster sized trophy. No doubt his 23 point effort in Round 3 was a standout. And a big thank you to our Team manager – Maggie for all that you do.

As the coach I am very proud of how the boys played together and the improvement throughout, particularly in the three key areas – onwards and upwards Dragons. (Peter Tainsh – Coach)


Well done to all the boys on a great effort over the weekend. It was a tough pool but the boys improved with each game. The boys lost their first three games to Ringwood, Philip Island and Chelsea where the scores didn’t reflect the intensity and level of skill played. The hard work that the boys put in came to fruition in the last game with a win against Western Port. The boys played full court defense and pressed right up on their players which lead to many scoring opportunities down the other end which left them win a 12 point win.

The tournament was also a great way for the team to bond with the team having a break at the park between games and a team dinner.

Many thanks to David Rooke and Liam O’Hoy, who coached the majority of our games. Thanks also to Michael Walton and Ruby Young for coaching Saturday evening. (Donna O’Hoy – Team Manager).


The 16-1 boys had a very successful weekend, finishing 4-0 in the pool phase with double digit wins over Sandringham 2, Traralgon 1, Blackburn 1 and, in our best game we have played this season, a 19 point win over 4th ranked in Victoria, Pakenham 1. The cohesiveness these boys have off the court translated well on the court, with great ball movement in transition offence leading to countless easy scores. Many of the players took big steps up this weekend with their intensity and commitment on the defensive end, which was a great takeaway. We headed into our GF matched up against Ringwood 1, who were also undefeated in the other pool. We flew out to a 15-2 start and didn’t look back, managing to survive the late Ringwood charge for a 48-34 victory. The weekend saw us play more challenging opponents than those we faced in practice games and the ability of the boys to respect and respond the challenge was very pleasing to us as a coaching team. This weekend gives us more games under our belt going into grading where we hope to make a strong push for VC. Thanks to our TM David (and Katrina) for making sure we were where we needed to be and to our wonderful parent group for their support. (Mark Jeffers and Conor Mathews – Coaches)


The Boys 16.2 team had a very successful tournament, winning the Under 16 Boys Division 4 competition. Congratulations to coach Luke Bett, Mac, Tom, Elliott, Arda, Harry, Noah, Angus, Mauricio, Ben and Aydan!

We had three games on Day 1, winning against Coburg 4 (52-11) and Bulleen 5 (40-34) and drawing the game against Kilsyth 4 (22-22) – probably a win we let slip, and which ultimately led to a few nervous hours on Sunday (see below!)  On Day 2 we had an emphatic win (52-14) over Craigieburn 3, followed by a very nervous (and long) wait to find out the result of the Kilsyth 4 v Bulleen 5 game (a Bulleen win would see us through to the GF, a Kilsyth win made that less certain, as it would all come down to for and against percentages).  Thankfully Bulleen 5 did the right thing by us, beating Kilsyth 4 and delivering us a berth in the Grand Final against the winner of Pool 1, Waverley 2 (who were also undefeated in their pool).  We prevailed 45-35 in a close fought Grand Final where the lead changed hands many times, but the boys showed great temperament to soak up the pressure and pull away in the last few minutes of the game.  Congratulations to Elliott Power on being awarded the MVP trophy for the final!

The weekend provided a great opportunity for the team (and the parents!) to get to know each other better, and for the boys to practice their offensive and defensive sets. Super pleasing to see that in almost every game we got everyone on the score sheet with a good spread of points, showing each player has the capability to be an offensive threat, which should be a great advantage for the team in the season ahead. (Luke Bett – Coach)


Our game started Saturday afternoon. After 5 points loss to Coburg3 at the first game,  the second game against Kilsyth 5 was slow starting, but boys managed to turn around and take control for second half secured 10 points win. The fourth round was solid game against Ringwood 3, leading all the way with 10 points win.The last round is relevately easy game winning Peninsula 4 to conclude the tournament. Boys had good time together and cheering up each other, team up for another exciting season. Huge thanks to our Coach Luke, Ben, and parents! (Christine Ma – Team Manager).


The 16-4 boys had an impressive yet ultimately disappointing Southern Peninsula tournament. Our first game on Saturday had as facing Southern Peninsula 3, even though the reffing was highly questionable the boys managed to secure the win by 4 points, with Riley Myers and Oscar Payne shining with 10 points and 9 points each respectively. After a 7 hour break which was filled with a lunch and mini golf, we faced a team called “cross-over” 1. The boys managed to cruise to an easy 32 point win with Curtis O’Brien and Will Ryall dominating with a combined 28 points. After that and rushing to our next game we were faced up against the winners of the entire tournament, Chelsea 3, even though the boys didn’t manage to get the win both myself and Ken were incredibly impressed with what we saw. We lost by 4 after being up by 11 points at two different stages of the game. This game saw Riley Myers and Aden Godfrey dominate with Riley dropping 12 and Aden dropping 10. After the loss and a sleep we were banking on Chelsea to lose so that we could have a chance of making the grand final. On Sunday morning after losing 2 of our players, we versed Sandringham 5 and lost by 17 points. This game was by far our worst of the tournament and an incredibly disappointing end to an otherwise great tournament. Great job to all the boys and big shout out to Jake who came to every game and all other commitments even though he had injured his ankle before the tournament. I would like to thank all the parents for driving our boys to each game and a special thanks to our team managers for the entire weekend. (Jared Pederson – Coach)


The 16.5s has a great tournament. With a few new players to the club it was a great way for the boys to get to know each other and build relationships. They came into the tournament with one primary goal and that was to give her best effort on the court and that certainly what they did. They came up against a strong Ringwood side to start the tournament and lost by four and then proceeded to win the next three games however they came up short again to this Ringwood team in the grand final. It was great to see the improvement throughout the weeks after coming up against a strong opponent to start the tournament and it was great to see the intensity carried on through the games. All in all the 16.5s had a great tournament and we are looking forward to a great season. (Sandy Kannangara – Coach)




The 18/2 boys over the weekend had a very up and down experience to say the least, as we were all excited and prepared for the tournament we thought division 1 wasn’t hard enough and decided that we didn’t need a quarter of the team to win, unfortunately we were wrong!

With our first two back to back games on Saturday night approaching, we went in without Will who was struck with illness and Dan with a rolled ankle, both going down only the morning of our first game. To make matters worse, Zac thought it would be a great idea to roll his ankle in the first Half of game one and that’s when things went downhill.

With only 7 players with 3 and a half games still to go, spirits were low, and the games were tough ultimately going 0-4 for the tournament. Despite the circumstances and losing half our big men, I still want to recognise the 7 who fought extremely hard despite being very undersized and dead exhausted. They worked tirelessly and did it together and it was still amazing to be a part of.

Firstly, JB stands at a tall 5.10” and was asked to play a 4/5 over the weekend and did an amazing job. JB proved that height was just a number and dominated on both ends of the court, Sam and Jack had the task of averaging 30 minutes a game as the only other bigs on the team and did a great job despite the fatigue kicking in. Billy, Liam and Adam took on big scoring roles knocking down several 3s over the weekend and putting up plenty of points with Nikita taking on that leadership role with distributing and running the offence.

All of that combined for a great tournament and even though it wasn’t the result we wanted, the learning experience just from this one weekend was all worth it and we look to take that and carry it over into grading with hopefully a few extra players! (Jarrod Whelan – coach).


The 18-3 boys had a great time down on the Mornington Peninsula. With games against Ringwood 3, Chelsea 2, Craigieburn 2 and Warrnambool 2, we were expecting a tough weekend, but still a great opportunity to continue getting to know the game plan, and also get some valuable time playing as a team. In addition, the parents also had the task of getting up to speed on videoing games and helping with game stats.

We lost the first 2 games to teams that finished above us. They played with good intensity while we were a little slow out of the blocks on both occasions. However, in both games, once we settled we were able to match both teams.

With fatigue setting in, we played Craigieburn in our third game on Saturday, and in a niggly again we got our first win, making the drive home, smelly uniforms notwithstanding, far happier than it could have been. Even across just 3 games you could see the boys starting to gel as a team and having a greater understanding of their role and how they can help their team mates.

We had 1 game on Sunday, and we took our winning form to new levels with a comfortable win against athletic Warrnambool. The form shown through the tournament has us feeling like this year will be one of even contributions across the whole team.

Special thanks to Mike Wardlaw for hosting us on the Saturday afternoon for a team bbq, and also to Mark and Pete for their coaching. We’re really excited for the year ahead. (Dirk Quartel – Team Manager)


The U18.4 boys had a great weekend at the Southern Peninsula Tournament. While, we didn’t get all the results we hoped for (2 wins, 2 losses) we did learn a lot about our strengths and also areas that we can improve, which will be invaluable heading into grading. It was a very good test for us, many of the teams we faced are also in our grading pool and so we take a lot of confidence from our performances. Congratulations to the boys on a great weekend and a big thank you to all the parents for getting the boys around and particularly to Linda for keeping me and everyone else organised. (Sachin Brennan – Coach)


Game 1 vs Frankston 4 at Dromana – was a very late night, very long way, started well getting to a 17 pt lead in the first half which was slowly whittled down and then with seconds to go we were 1 point down. Coach Jarrod devised a play to take the game and then looked on with frustration as it didnt happen….. held his breath when a shot was made with a second to go and his face flooded with relief when it miraculously went in, Thanks Brendan and thanks Coach Jarrod

Game 2 vs Sandringham 3 at BonBeach – another late night against a very athletic team, and no coach turned up. We kept our heads up and managed a decent first half down 21 to 34, then it blew out a bit with exhausted team as only had 8 and mentally as self coaching. Great effort and fantastic attitude working together.

Game 3 vs Ringwood 4 at Bonbeach – Closer game with coach Sachin stepping in. Losing in a hard fought match 19 to 32

Long lunch at Dava Hotel where all the parents met, many for the first time. The boys escaped the conversations to adventure on the beach / cliff, yes there was a mishap, but a game to go so tough!

Game 4 vs Chelsea 4 at Peninsula – Again coached by Sachin this time the team played really well together and managed a very close nail biting 1 point victory. Woohoo.

So in summary, a great team bonding experience, won 2 lost 2, 1 sprained knee, 1 sprained ankle and 1 scraped buttock. Thanks to Jarrod and Sachin for coaching. (Joy Rowe – Team Manager).




It was a terrific tournament for the girls as they came up against some tough opposition but tried their hearts out and started to play beautifully as a team!

Unfortunately, we came up against Nunawading 1, Melbourne 1 and Frankston 1 who are 3 of the top 5 ranked teams in our first three games! This proved a challenge for the girls as they came to grips with the pace and skills of their opposition. Whilst the scoreboard definitely wasn’t in our favour, the games were very competitive and the girls showed grit and determination fighting out all the games to the very end.

Fortunately, we had a more competitive final game against Southern Peninsula. This game proved how much the girls had learned from the previous games with much tighter defense and well-balanced offense. Their movement of the ball in transition was terrific to watch with strong passing and fast running leading up to some great looks at the basket. The girls proved that they could play at this level lifting their intensity and defensive pressure in the final quarter eventually going down by 8 points.

It was fantastic to see the development of the girls in such a short period of time with several players having all important break out games realising their true potential and their role within our team.

We had the zippy speed of Hailey, Sanulee and Ashley to get the ball down the court and for those sneaky drives to the basket, Daniella and Jas controlling the ball midcourt and putting some strong moves in offense, Miranda, Kiara and Maddie as our aggressive forwards and shutting down their offense, and Eve smashing the boards and getting those all important rebounds – terrific all round effort!

Unfortunately, we were missing Tahlia through injury who came and supported the girls for one of the games showing terrific team spirit and I know she wanted to throw away the crutches and jump on the court – can’t wait to have you back Tahlia!

To all of the girls, I was very proud of the way you conducted yourselves throughout the tournament and look forward to a terrific season ahead!!

Thanks to Alana Oakley for assisting coaching this weekend – your help and calmness on the bench was much appreciated!

A big thank you to our terrific TM Connie, and all the parents, for organising the girls and keeping them entertained, it is very much appreciated. (Paul Martin – Coach)


The u12.2s were placed into a tough division for the tournament (Div1), playing teams that have all played at least one season of rep before.  This did not phase us though as we were keen to show our determination and fighting spirit. The girls did not disappoint! We were a bit hesitant the first game but soon learnt to push through every situation and give everything a go.  Although the girls did not win a game they were very impressive through their actions. They kept their heads up, encouraged their team mates, listened to their coaches and attempted new things. The girls stepped up their intensity with each game and showed just how much they want to improve and play as a team.  We cannot wait to see these girls develop and grow throughout the season and know they will be unstoppable in no time! Thank you to the parents for all their support, and encouragement over the weekend. Go DRAGONS!! (Prue Ainsworth – Coach)



We started the tournament very slow, I quickly realized we’re lucky morning games aren’t on the regular fixture!! In our first hit out we went down to Moe by about 20 points, thankfully this was not the story or the tournament.

The girls bounced back and ended up with 2 wins and 2 losses, playing some great basketball and getting the win against both Bulleen 2 and Diamond Valley 2.

The tournament was extremely valuable for us a group. We were able to set goals each game and really focus on what we can improve on and to the girls credit, they listened, they responded and they executed very well. We grew as a team both on the court and off, I believe it’s put us in great stead going into grading.

Thanks for the fantastic group of girls who I have the pleasure of coaching and to the parents for being the taxis all weekend.

Also great to have Chloe onboard as assistant coach who adds more insight. (Cara Jeffers – Coach)


The 14.2 girls knew they had their work cut out for them going into the tournament in division 1. Facing the likes of Craigieburn 1, Eltham 2, Whittlesea 1 and Sandrigham 2, the girls unfortunately came away with, despite the spirit that they showed, four losses and no wins. Needless to say, there were many positives that were taken away from the weekend which went as follows;

Our first game, against Craigieburn, got off to a shaky start but some composure and calm shown by the girls in playing our own game, with stand out rebounding performances from Lucy Rowe and Emma Kronish as well as consistent free throw shooting from our tall Khushi Pahuja, and not worrying about the scoreboard, meant that we managed a 15-40 point loss, with a big improvements shown in the second half.

Our next game, against Eltham, saw the girls have to manoeuvre their offensive transition through a rock solid press. As intimidating as this was in the first quarter, cool heads, smart passing and sharp shooting from Lucy Rowe and Annika Bergamin, as well as coordination and control in defence, particularly from Celeste Rosier and Lexi Stefanou in slowing the ball and covering the basket saw the girls fall 33-11, a result which didn’t truly represent the heart and effort left on the court.

Our third game saw a more intense start than our previous two games. Pushing the ball up the floor in transition from Leia Ong, as well as Nati Stefanou’s and Sienna Fitzgerald’s aggressive attack on the offensive end with strong rebounding efforts from Alexa Tricarico to finish had us look competitive, however some ‘wishful’ passing to try and break their press and some lapses in boxing out and defence saw the Pacers come away with a comfortable 39-12 point win.

Our final game, under the legendary guidance of coach Cara Jeffers, unfortunately had a similar result, with the Sabres walking away with a comfortable 38-8 point win.

Although the scoreboard might suggest a disappointing tournament, this was absolutely not the case, and the girls should be extremely proud of the way the they played with each other and held their ground against consistently bigger and older opponents. Also a massive thanks to all the parents that took the time to get everyone to where they needed to be and in particular to Hugo Bergamin for his help on the bench. There are a plethora of positives that can be taken from the tournament, and some important things outlined that we can work on and look to refine going into what is looking to be a great VJBL season (Matt Power – Asst. Coach)

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! Being that our team was placed in a higher division than requested, we knew that it was going to be an uphill battle for the entire tournament. While the girls did not come away with any wins, they certainly celebrated the small victories. There wasn’t a millisecond that these athletes gave up or played less than 100%. They learned how to communicate, run plays, and take direction from their incredible coaches who included Matt Power, Hugo Bergamin, and Cara Jeffers. And in the end, our U14.2 girls were definitely the stars! (Team Manager – Katherine Kronish)


After trekking to Werribee on Friday night for a tough pre-grading game, the 14.3 girls travelled in the complete opposite direction down to Frankston to take on division 3 of the Southern Peninsula Tournament. A resounding 34-14 win was a perfect way to start the tournament and we celebrated with a yummy team lunch! Our second game can only be described as a rollercoaster. After trailing for the entire game, down 9-20 with only eight minutes remaining, the girls rallied behind each other to draw the match 22-22. This was much thanks to some super clutch foul shooting from Freya in the dying seconds of the game and great finishes under pressure from the girls. Although we lost the remaining two matches of the weekend, the 14.3’s effort, intensity and enthusiasm did not waiver and the girls aptly took on advice with many achieving the goals they had set out prior to the weekend. Ultimately, this tournament was a great opportunity for the everyone to get to know each other both on and off the court and it is fair to say that players, parents and coaches alike all had a fantastic weekend. A big thanks to all the girls and their parents for their commitment, efforts and support this weekend from Werribee all the way to Dromana. Special mention to Simone our wonderful TM for all of her hard work organising the weekend as well. We cannot wait to have lots more fun this season and see the girl’s continual progression. Go Dragons  (Tiarnie and Vic – Coaches)


We started the tournament a little flat, looking a bit tired from our pre grading game the night before, which we won! We were noticeably undersized against a very tall Southern Peninsula team. Our girls fought it out the entire game and with better spacing and ball movement in the second half where we were able to reduce the margin and raise our confidence. The team also looked great in the matching hair scrunchies, thanks to Sophie and Suzie.

Before game 2 which was against Melbourne Tigers, the girls told me they needed to get “Hyped” so that we can win! Well they certainly were a different team. They really played a great team game with every player contributing. Ball movement was good and they all played a great defensive game which resulted in our first win for the tournament, there were many happy, “hyped” up faces after the game.

After a long day, a team dinner and ice cream, the girls were fired up and ready for their last game of day 1 against Broadmeadows.  The opposition had size and pace and our girls had to run hard to keep up with them.  Unfortunately they couldn’t find a way to the hoop as the opposition kept shutting them down.  They fought to the end, but unfortunately couldn’t close the gap on the scoreboard.

After a perfectly scheduled Sunday morning bye, we were matched up against Mornington for our final game of the tournament. What a great game and a perfect way to finish off the tournament. A close game throughout with a very tight finish. We kept our heads and came away with a one point win. Pleasing to have all girls contribute again and to see many of the things we had taught, discussed and tried throughout the weekend work and pay dividends.

Many thanks to all the parents for giving up their time this weekend and especially to Sam and Jason for the help with coaching and logistics.

This tournament provided an excellent bonding experience for the girls as well as a chance to execute what we have been practicing at training. Many of the girls are embarking on their first season of representative basketball and we are really looking forward to the first round of grading games and the season ahead. (Mark Newman – Coach)


Despite an 0-4 record over the weekend there are plenty of positives to take away from the tournament.

In each game we had moments where we had control of the contest but we couldn’t make those moments count on the scoreboard.

Overall it was a good weekend for the girls both on and off the court and we all look forward to having a great season together. (Glenn Siegle – Coach)


We approached the tournament as a great chance to learn to play together and to get to know each other. We started slowly, not scoring for about 10 mins in the first game.

However, as the tournament went on our teamwork improved. We also had plenty of time in between games to socialise and get to know each other.

Apart from the first game, we were in each game until the last few minutes losing by only a few points. To the girls credit they never dropped their heads and kept fighting until the end.

The last game arrived with us on the bottom of the ladder with no wins.

The girls never gave up and kept to our game plan and kept putting in 100%.

So I was very proud of the whole team to end up winning the last game 25-15.

So with the 1 win and a reasonable percentage we finished the tournament 3rd in our pool.

No grand final, but we came away with a winning attitude and great excitement for the up coming season. (Michael Fowler – Coach).


The 16.4 Dragons had an excellent weekend at the Southern Peninsula Tournament.

Despite finishing with a 1-3 record, our progress as a team was obvious each game that we played.

The team roster was only finalised 2 weeks prior with a lot of new faces so it was a great opportunity for players, parents and coach to get to know each other.

We opened with a great win over Waverley 4, followed by close losses to Mornington 2, Sherbrooke 1 and Pakenham 2.

Our focus for the weekend was on defensive fundamentals and help positioning, transition passing, spacing the floor and having fun!

We made good strides in all those areas and I am very much looking forward to getting started with grading games.

In between games, the girls spent time on foam rollers, connecting on social media and spotting bad hair cuts in U16/18 boys games. (Mullets are back in a big way)

Thanks to Tony Salce (Team Manager) for keeping us well organised and to all the parents for driving, scoring and supporting! (Darren West – Coach)

The Under 16.4 girls had a very pleasing tournament which really began Friday night at the State basketball Centre with a very late (eventually 10pm tip off)  pre grading game against the Pakenham 2 girls whom they were also to face in their final tournament game on Sunday afternoon.

Our girls went down 15:37 in the Friday night game.

The first game of the Tournament proper was at the beautifully naturally lit courts at Monash University Frankston. The girls had a comfortable win against Waverley 4’s.

Following a very informative and helpful briefing from coach Darren West to the girls and parents for the year’s expectations, most of the team and parents then had a lovely break for lunch at a local Frankston Café (pic to follow). The girls exchanged telephone numbers and set up their social media accounts at the lunch. It was a great bonding experience for them.  Three of the girls had to shoot back to Melbourne to play in their domestic competition to avoid a walkover.

We then had a team of 7 girls take the court against the Mornington 2 side and were up 20:16 with 2 minutes to go and scores level with 36 seconds remaining, to then go down by 3 points.

The third group match was an early Sunday morning start (8am) at Flinders Carrum Downs against the Sherbrooke 1 team . Some inaccurate shooting ultimately cost the girls a 14:19 loss.

The fourth and final game was against their Friday night opponents, the Pakenham 2’s, one of the grand final sides. The girls put up a great fight going down narrowly 12:19, a huge improvement from the Friday night result, a testament to Darren’s passionate coaching.

So, the Tournament was a success in terms of improved results and bonding between the girls.

It was also terrific to meet and connect with the parents.

In spite of the driving, a great weekend. (Tony Salce – Team Manager

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