Power a beast on the boards

Matt Power has done some serious work on the glass for our Youth League Men’s team this season, and he was at it again during the Dragons’ visit to Sherbrooke on Saturday night.

The Suns rose late to catch and turn back Camberwell in a tight one at Bell Real Estate Stadium, but Power was a beast on the boards, dragging down 21 rebounds, including nine offensive, to go with an equal team-high 12 points.

His performance didn’t go unnoticed at league HQ either, with Matt winning a place on the Big V’s Youth League One Men Starting Five for Round 5.

He’s averaging just over 14 boards a game and is second in the league in that category, while the Dragons closed the round in fourth place with a 4-2 record.

And a big thank you here to our great friends at Melbourne Sports Photography for another great action pic, and their continued support of the Dragons.

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