The 12-1 boys had a great tournament. Our main focus going in was to prepare ourselves for a VC push in grading, so I was experimenting with some new things along the way to see what worked for us and what didn’t. Our first game resulted in a 9 point win against Waverley 1, a game where we played in holiday-mode, however this was our only bad game for the weekend. We began our Saturday with a 56-26 win over Diamond Valley 2, continued it with a 64-34 win over Coburg 1, but couldn’t lock ourselves into a finals spot, going down in our last game to a better rested Altona team by 9. We came out Saturday morning against Hawthorn 2, a team I had seen play on a few occasions and was impressed by each time. We also play this team in grading. Despite a 2-10 start, we clawed back, leading by as much as 6 in the second half, but couldn’t close the game out against a tall and physical team, going down by 3 points. Our final game was against Humevale 1, who were a 2-man team. Unfortunately, those two men were extremely skilled players, who could shoot out to the 3 point line and finish with contact equally well with both hands. Despite throwing every defensive scheme in the book at them and playing our butts off down both ends of the floor, the 32 point onslaught by Humevale’s best player was just a little too much. We ended up losing by 2 points in another nail-biter.

Some great takeaways from the weekend- we got the chance in some of our early games to try some new stuff for grading and the season ahead, and then during the tougher, close games, we were routinely challenged to guard some very talented players. Our decision making down the stretch was also challenged, which will be a really important skill as the season progresses. Thanks to all the parents for their commitment across the weekend, and a special thanks to Jo for TMing everyone!  (Conor Mathews – Coach)


The 12.2s has an outstanding weekend. The boys entered grade B2 with a bunch of teams who are ranked similar or higher than us. They ended up with 6 wins and 2 loses for the weekend, unfortunately losing to Spectres 3 in the grand final.

First game, we played Hawthorn 4, who are currently in the same pool in grading as us, and were able to win by 10. We put the pressure on them early, playing right up defensively and taking advantage of fast breaks. It was a solid game considering we matched up quite short to them and it was their first game back.

The highlight game was our Blackburn 2 semi final game. The boys came firing at the start of the game, kicking off with a 10 point lead at the start and holding it till half time. But, Blackburn came back and were able to change the game to a 5 point lead for them with 2 minutes to go. We composed ourselves and became extremely aggressive on defence, which gave us two steals and two layups with one being fouled, tying the game and sending it to OT. In OT, we managed to get a free throw to take a 1 point lead in the final seconds, winning the game. My blood pressure was extremely high but was by far, the most stressful game, most rowdy and rewarding game I’ve ever coached.

The boys unfortunately ran out of legs in the grand final against Nunawading and lost, but overall had an extremely solid weekend. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort they put and am extremely excited to coach them through grading and the full season. (Jaden Lai – Coach)


The boys had an amazing time playing in the Eltham Dandenong tournament, with only 6 players for the entire tournament we knew we were going to be out maned with most other team having a whole extra team on the bench!

Friday nights game was a nail biter and a terrific start to the tournament with a 2 point win over Werribee 4s. The boys took the lead late in the finale half and were able to hold on to get out first win.

Saturday had us up bright and early for our first game against coburg. The boys were down all game however in the final minutes were able to gain some momentum and come back from 16 down to only 6 down however weren’t able to get the job done in the end.

After reflection the boys were determined to fix their mistakes from game 1 and going into game 2 against Diamond Valley was the best the boys have ever played beating one of the top teams in our pool, winning by 9 points taking our 2’d win and started to look like a threat for finals.

Sunday was a big day for the boys 3 matches and another early start saw us take on Westgate 3s. The most intense game of the tournament by far. The game was tied with 30 seconds left the whole stadium watching our match, parents cheering on the boys, and we get a steal. Missed a few shots but were able to get the rebounds and with only seconds left Oli scored the game winning shot. Definitely a highlight the boys won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Game 2 for Sunday was a very hard match. The boys were sitting 2d on the ladder and were taking on Eltham whom were undefeated at this point. Unfortunately we just had no more gas in the tank.

Game 3 our finale match and the boys need a win to make finals. Werribee 5s fought hard however the boys were too quick and had to much height against them and won comfortably securing our place for finales.

Semi finales saw us taking on Diamond Valley again, and they started on fire, unfortunately the pressure got to the boys and were unable to get the win, however all parents and myself were extremely proud of the effort the boys put up over the weekend, only playing with 6 players was a huge effort. (Josh Crosisca – Coach)




The 14/1s boys had some challenging matches ahead of them this tournament, being placed in A grade and facing some highly ranked opponents. However, as the tournament went on we improved our fight, effort and intensity, and was a successful weekend despite going out without a win.
Friday night saw us take a loss to Bulleen 1s who didn’t miss a 3 point shot, but that didn’t stop the boys from an impressive defensive effort, closing out hard and carrying a hand to every shot. Saturday morning we struggled to switch on and move fast, and we went down against a fit and aggressive Coburg. We then faced Hawthorn for the third time since Southern Peninsula last year. The boys fought hard to keep their heads up and hearts in the game, especially in the second half (despite the wide margin) only going down by 28 points. Those losses were a shock to the system to the level of competition we were returning to, but we weren’t going to go down without a fight in the upcoming matches.
Setting up a clean slate on Sunday, we were more alert from the tip off against Diamond Valley. We stuck with them for most of the game, but some back to back turnovers, inaccurate shooting and overall tiredness unfortunately had us falling short of a win. Our final game saw us matching up with Keilor, our best game for the weekend. The boys showed up for the clash with energy, aggression and hustle, and stayed with a fighting Keilor until the very end. Despite finishing the match with 6 players (due to injury, unavailability and fouls), the boys played with intensity until the very end, and the score of this match did not reflect the effort put in.
Despite finishing 0-5, our progression as a team was obvious each game that we played. Thank you to the parents for giving up your weekend and continuing to support the boys through some tough games. Thanks also to our team manager Sue for keeping us organised, and a huge thank you to the boys for not backing down from a challenge and putting up a good fight. Looking forward to taking on the season ahead. (Michael Walton & Ruby Young – Coaches)


The tournament got off to a poor start with a 26-12 loss to Eltham 3 with the boys very flat in the first half but did show more intensity in the second half scoring 10 of our 12 points in that half.  The weekend tournament had the potential to be a very ‘long’ weekend for all involved after that poor start.  Early Saturday morning the boys looked like a completely different team, showing intensity and hunger from the start to beat Collingwood 1 in a strong showing 34-30.  An important win against South Adelaide 2 (28-21) capped off a great 2nd day of the tournament to have the boys back in finals contention.  Day 3 started off with a comfortable win against the winless Hawthorn 4 team.  That win was unfortunately followed by a heartbreaking 1 point loss to the undefeated Broadmeadows 2 after the boys were winning comfortably with a couple of minutes remaining.  A clutch 3-pointer and some handy free throws by the opposition saw them sneak past us very late in the game.  The final pool game, was a solid 31-19 win over Westgate 1 late Sunday afternoon.

An 8am start in Greensborough for the Semi Final on Monday morning wasn’t a popular fixture (with parents and/or players) but was a great opportunity for the boys to exact revenge against their strong Friday night opponent Eltham 3.  The boys led 16-9 at half time doing what Eltham 3 did to us early on Friday night.  A strong showing by the opposition saw scores all tied up after regular time (18-18).  Overtime saw Eltham 3 score early but we managed to grind out some solid consecutive points to win 23-20.  The Grand Final at the same venue a few hours later was a rematch against Broadmeadows 2.  It was a relatively tight game throughout after Broadmeadows 2 got the jump on us a bit early.  The boys kept fighting back and scores were level with 30 seconds to go.  A clutch finish by Lucas with 5 seconds remaining clinched a 30-28 win.

I believe all Vic Metro teams that we beat were in Grading Pools above us representing a great outcome for the boys and significant improvement over the tournament after a shaky start.  Special mention to Issac Horan, a Dragons player from 2018/19, who filled in for the team throughout the tournament with a few regulars missing and a few injury concerns within the squad leading into the tournament. (Jamie Brunton – TM)


The 14.3 boys had a very strong tournament starting off, winning the first four games of the tournament. The boys beat Eltham by 12, Hawthorn by 1, Blackburn by 20. In the fourth game Eltham came out strongly and were ahead by 7 points with 10 minutes remaining. However, the boys dug deep and inspired each other to go on a 24-2 run to finish the match. Sunday would prove to be the biggest test, coming up against very talented sides in Diamond Valley and Whittlesea. The Diamond Valley game was a back and forth affair, however we were unable get a comeback win despite a late run and went down by 3 points.  The Whittlesea game, like the morning game, was a back and forth affair but the boys managed to go on a run late to end the game and secure second place.

Monday morning saw us matched up against Hawthorn in the semi-final. Most of the first half was a close affair until a late push just before half time gave us a 12-point lead and the boys never looked back, finishing 19 point victors.

The grand final saw us come up against Diamond Valley, the boys were very settled at the start of  the match and played some fantastic defence on holding Diamond Valley to 8 points in the first half and going into half time up 19-8. The second half was a bit more freer scoring with Diamond Valley putting up 19 point and the boys putting up 16. However, they held on despite a late push from Diamond Valley to win the grand final. Deno and I

are very proud of the boys and we would like to take the opportunity to thank Megan (team manager) and the parents for organising and ensuring the boys could make all the games. I am really looking forward to a very successful season ahead. I would also like to thank Dave, Michael, Ruby and the 14.2s for coming down and cheering us on. (Stephen McGuinness – Coach)


Basketball is a great sport, unlike the Peninsula Tournament, we didn’t come away with a trophy, but we had lots of fun which was evident by the smiles on and off the court.

It is fair to say that having not played basketball as a team or had training for most of the players since last year, some struggled with the pace and unexpectantly most were asking to be subbed off in the first game.

We went onto win the first game in a thriller and then we led at half time for almost all our games. But we let the games slip from our grasp. The loss of a key player due to a foot injury early in the tournament didn’t help either.

We played some fantastic basketball in offence and defence with great intensity, but also had some patches which were disappointing.

The tournament Grand Finalists – Nunawading (was a team we led for almost the first half) and Eltham (who we beat in our first game) so we know we could have been a finalist.

The boys have learnt much from this tournament and are eager to show in our next game what is required to play as a team and win games too.

As the coach I am proud of how the boys played and I know the boys feel they could win against all of the teams we played, if given the opportunity again.

A big thank you to our Team manager – Maggie for all that you do and also to the parents for your support. (Peter Tainsh – Coach)


The 14.5’s had a slow start to the tournament, taking a few games to get back into the flow of things since the break. While the team was only able to win one of the six games over the weekend there was clear improvement from one game to the next. Setting the oystering up for a good shot at success in the next grading phase. (Nick Wardlaw – Coach)


The 16/1 Boys decided to challenge themselves this weekend by entering into A Grade, considering the team hasn’t lost a game as a group so far it was definitely worthwhile having the challenge/reality check. Both Conor and I were extremely proud of how hard the boys competed all weekend and the growth that they displayed as a team and individually. As a group, we now have the belief that VC should be our ultimate goal and that it is certainly achievable if we continue to develop at the same rate. Thanks to David as TM and for all the parents for ferrying their kids around.


vs Keilor 1 – Draw

vs Diamond Valley 1 – Win by 8

vs South Adelaide 1 – Lost by 10 (our first loss ever!!)

vs Eltham 1 – lost by 12 (eventual tournament champions)

vs Geelong 1 – lost by 3 (Mark Jeffers – Coach)

The 16-1 boys had a great weekend. We finished with 1 win, 1 draw, and 3 close losses, whilst playing in A grade, in order to prepare us best for a VC push come grading phase 2. Our first game saw us face Keilor 1, who we play in grading in 3 weeks time. Not wanting to give too much away, we played fairly free flowingly, resulting in a 14 point Keilor lead at one stage. However, we chipped away, cutting the lead to 8 with 55 seconds to play. Back to back 3s saw us trail by 2 with 15 seconds to go, and then a strong finish inside by Michael VB with 6 seconds to go concluded the game as a draw, a good result for us given how we approached the game. Our second game saw a strong 8 point win over Diamond Valley 1, in a game where we played great defensive and kept an AA team below 35 points. Our third game was unfortunately not our best, with South Adelaide 1 just being a bit more physical and tough than us down the stretch and beating us by 6 points. We came out Sunday morning with a vengeance, pushing the best team in the state (and probably the country), Eltham 1, for the full 40 minutes, going down by 12 points only on some very tough made 3s by Eltham. Our final game was against Geelong 1, who, like Eltham 1, have already qualified for VC. Despite being shorter than them, we competed physically down both ends, and kept the margin within 4-8 points for the whole contest. A few uncharacteristic missed layups down the stretch cost us, and ended in a 4 point loss.

As much as we only won 1 game this weekend, the confidence this gives us heading into grading is unrivalled and we can’t wait for the season ahead. (Conor Mathews – Asst. Coach)


The Boys 16.2 team had a successful weekend, taking out the lollies in the B2 North West (Eltham) section of the Tournament.  The team was undefeated across the weekend, although as the score lines show, a number of the games were very close!  In all, the boys chalked up 8 victories, against Keilor B16.4 (35-33), Diamond Valley B16.3 (29-28), Coburg B16.2 (37-35), Werribee B16.3 (33-32), Eltham B16.4 (34-28) and Bulleen 16.4 (33-23) in regular pool play, and then defeating Coburg B16.2 in the semi-final (38-29) and Eltham B16.4 in the final (43-24).  Terrific spread of points and play across the whole team, but special mention to Arda Kilic for winning MVP in the final (and also for his foul shot after the final siren to win us the game against Werribee)!  We only had 8 players available for the tournament, a few injuries in the last couple of games, and no doubt a few holiday “cobwebs” to blow away in the first few games, but the step up across the semi-final and the final was obvious and sets us up well as we head into the next phase of grading. The boys clearly enjoy tournament play, having also taken out the title in their division in the Southern Peninsula Tournament back in November!  Thanks to “supercoach” Luke Bett and all the parents for clocking up the kilometres, scoring and providing such great support across the weekend. (Matt Bubb – TM)


The boys 16/3 tournament wasn’t the best on the win/loss column however the boys still got a few good wins under their belt over the weekend. They played really well as a team all weekend and was a good opportunity to get some run in and practice before grading starts again. (Luke Lawrence – Coach)


On Friday the boys started with a convincing win of 14 points against Collingwood 3, Aden came out with 11 points and Curtis with 7. For the boy’s second game they came up against Werribee 5, and finished with a 6 point win. In their third game the boys pulled off a nail biting win over Keilor 8, with Blake hitting back to back 3 pointers and a game saving rejection. To come out on top by a point. For their third game the boys easily won by 25 points with Curtis putting up 14 points and Will and Ben having 7 each. On Sunday morning the boys were handed their first loss of the tournament to South Adelaide 4. The boys lost by 16 however never gave up, South Adelaide’s three-point shooting was the end for the boys that game even though we brought the game back to 2 points the boys ran out of gas and lost. Curtis put up 12 points that game and Oscar had 8. The boys bounced back against Kilsyth 5 next with a win by 6 points, the boys played exceptionally however Curtis came down with an ankle injury. The boys finished the ‘normal season’ of the tournament on top of the ladder with a 4-1 record. In the semi-finals the boys were pitted against South Adelaide again and unfortunately the same outcome occurred as when they played them before. The boys lost by 19 points however again never gave up. Again, South Adelaide’s three-pointers were the death of the boys. Not the outcome the boys were hoping for but still a very fun and eventful weekend. (Jared Pederson – Coach)


The u16.5s had a good tournament. The boys were quite rusty throughout its duration however we were able to close out most of our games. It was amazing to see the team work and the bonding amongst the group sky rocket and come together to get to the grand final. And after being 20 points down with 10 mins to go the boys worked hard to bring it to a 2 point game on the buzzer with free throws to shoot but unfortunately we missed one and lost by one. Overall great tournament! (Sandy Kannangara – Coach)


Tough weekend for the boys but progressively getting where we need to be. We went 2-3 with two of the three losses coming against the two grand finalists for A grade (Bulleen 1 and North Adelaide). The boys have three practice games before the season starts and hopefully we keep building on what we have started. Would have loved some better results but all games where close. (Matt Foster – Coach)


The 18.2 boys had a very fun but tough tournament over the weekend, being our first games back of the new year their was plenty of rust and was definitely a slow start to say the least, despite that the boys played a very good level of basketball despite having to play six games in two days with only 7 players, the boys finished the weekend with two wins 4 loses and one win away from finals.

Despite just falling short the quality of basketball played and the immense amount of improvement over the tournament was fantastic and I’m looking forward going into phase 2 of grading and carrying that over. (Jarrod Whelan – Coach)


The 18/3s played hard in a very even and competitive tournament. Each game was close, being decided by only a couple of scores either way. We were able to win 3 games and lost 3 games. Missing out on the finals on head to head. The weekend was highlighted by two last second victories against the two top teams of our pool. Was a fun weekend, boys improved a lot and gained some much needed confidence. (Mark Fernandez – Coach)

The 18-3 Boys enjoyed a very competitive tournament, with most teams in their division graded 1-3 grades above them in the next grading phase. They also had a luxurious 4 players on the bench, up from their usual 1-2 players late last year and everyone was keen to get into the action once the Friday night came along. In the end, we ended up missing the finals with a 3-3 record, but along the way enjoyed a number of notable highlights, among them being;

– Having 9 players available, including Tom Power after a long injury lay off

– Beating Geelong United after being 3 points down with 6 seconds to go – Luke McConnon swishing a 3 off the side line play to tie the scores, then Charlie Quartel stole the inbounds pass and was fouled on the layup attempt, nailing the foul shot that followed

– BBQ at the McConnon’s, including a bombing and belly flopping exhibition from various unnamed team members

– Sam Wise floating through the key for a go ahead basket against Bulleen to get our second win of the tournament

– Watching the team gel together on and off court as the tournament went on

– The boys playing with great intensity against the New Zealand Knights and coming back to win from 10 points down with Charlie Quartel hitting a 3 with 8 seconds to go to give us the lead for the first time in the same

– some dubious holiday hair styles that might need some attention before schools starts this week.

It was the perfect post Christmas hit out and we’ll be looking to carry the form from the tournament into the next round of grading. Expectations are high. Many thanks to Mark Fernandez and his brother Pete for coaching the boys over the weekend. They did a great job getting the team through all the games, where no win was easy, and none of the losses were without a great fight. (Dirk Quartel – TM)


The u-18.4 boys had a great Eltham tournament. We started with a game winning buzzer beater on Friday night and then continued the winning all through Saturday. Coming into our first game Sunday we were 4-0 and were looking to keep up the winning, unfortunately we dropped both games on the Sunday, however we had enough wins in the bank to secure our finals spot (2nd). We played Diamond Valley 4’s for our semi final (who we had previously beaten in the tournament) and although it was a low scoring game we managed to get the win in the end, by just a few points.  We entered our grand final game excited and I can only assume tired, on behalf of the boys. We played Ivanhoe Darebin who we had lost to on the day before, so we knew we were in for a tough game. In the end the boys played hard all game, especially on the defensive end, and we ended up winning the game! A special shoutout to Hugh who was the grand final MVP. Another big thanks to Taz as well who filled in for us, as well as all the parents and Linda for organising everything. (Sachin Brennan – Coach)


Massive congratulations to the boys U18 5s. The tournament didn’t go as we hoped, but you all gave 110% as a team each and every game and did a great job. We improved with each game. I cant wait for the rest of the year and all the wins we rack up. Special thanks to Marcell and Cameron for filling in during the tournament and let’s all remember the two shortest players on the team with fantastic chase down blocks and the great hustle from the entire team who had no hesitation to put their body on the line for each other. (Matt Fielding – Coach)


BU21.2s Eltham Tournament Stats Report:

  • 10 Camberwell Dragaons’ team players (great bunch of boys)
  • 3 Different Coaches helping out at various games (thank you)
  • 14 parents scoring (thank you)
  • 4 Wins
  • 1 Loss
  • 1 Draw
  • 1 New Zealand team
  • 1 Vic team
  • 1 Injury

And unfortunately 1 loss in semi-final by only 3 points.

Looking forward to a great season ahead. Gooooo Dragons 🏀 (Anonymous – TM)




G U10 Development Teams

Dragons fielded two u10 girls teams at the Eltham tournament, Dragons gold and Dragons burgundy. Players from four different domestic clubs and nine different teams came together to compete against sides from around Melbourne and South Australia.
It was certainly an eye opener for the girls and coaches to come up against several sides that had been running their development for weeks, or In the case of South Adelaide,months. We even encountered a rudimentary five out offence which is stunning at u10 level
Despite this the girls competed hard and had some fantastic performances with both having tight semi final losses. It was great to see the improvement as the tournament went on, particularly in defence and team work. Coaches Prue, Paul, Duncan and Char were all very proud of the future Dragons (Duncan Palmer – Coach)


We can all be very proud of how this wonderful group of Girls represented our club over the long weekend.

They have had a tough start to the season in grading phase one and deserved to enjoy some spoils which they certainly did in the tournament.

Fortunately we were graded in AR for the tournament and came up against some more evenly matched teams. This gave the girls an opportunity to put all of their hard work into action and show how much they have progressed.

They came out of the blocks racing winning impressively against Bulleen and Waverley, gaining some much-needed confidence. They then played two tight games against Eltham and Coburg losing by a handful of points. I believe the girls were much stronger than their opponents, had some good looks at the basket but failed to convert so more shooting practice at training!!

Unfortunately they then came up against a very tough Broadmeadows team that were very well drilled in defensive pressure and went down for their biggest loss of the tournament. It was good for the girls to see how much the game depends on defence and will stand them in good stead for the coming season.

They then played above and beyond themselves to win the final game against Kilsyth and head into the semi-finals with a 3-3 record.

It was a terrific opportunity to see how much they had learned over the weekend as they came up against the Broadmeadows team once again in the semi-finals. They played exceptionally well and tried their absolute hearts out and I was impressed with the way they held their composure throughout the game. Whilst they lost the game they gained so much from the experience, it was invaluable.

There was some stand out moments for every player and I was very pleased with the way the girls carried out instructions, ran our set inbound plays and increased their intensity on the court. There were some amazing individual efforts (impossible steals, gutsy defence, brilliant drives to the basket) but it was the girls overall TEAM effort that impressed and made me very proud to be their coach.

Thanks to Alana Oakley for assisting coaching this weekend and to our terrific TM Connie, and all the parents, for organising the girls and keeping them energised, it is very much appreciated. (Paul Martin – Coach)


The U12.2 Girls started the tournament off with a bang. With only 7 players and many having a break over the holidays they were raring to go. They played with intensity and determination throughout the whole game and although we lost to Kilsyth3 by 2points we were pumped to see how far the girls could go.  Little did we know that morning games are not our thing… An 8:00am start against Haw2 left half the girls still waking up. Playing against some bigger bodies with a few seasons under their belt also startled us a bit as we tried to find momentum… The coaches would like to forget that game but we are keen to meet them later in the season to show them our improvement.
The girls then played South Adelaide1, and although we lost by a good margin the girls really lifted their intensity and fought till the very end.
Sunday was our main day with 3 games.  Our first game was against Hawthorn 3, which was a fight till the very end. The girls never gave up and handled the pressure fantastically. Once we found space on the court and worked as a team we were able to pull away with a 3pt win!!.  This was definitely a highlight of the tournament and a win the girls were craving. Our last two games were winnable against Eltham and Diamond Valley but sadly the winning streak was over. Diamond Valley could not miss a shot, showing great skill under pressure. Overall we were really happy with the girls focus on court, the determination to get the ball and team defence. Frankie and Livvy were dynamite in pressuring the ball up the court. Jasmine held the fort with amazing team defence, hindering anyone from driving into the key. Lucy was always ready to shoot the ball and get to the basket for some great goals, whilst Lizzie handled the ball with super skill up the court. Lacey stepped up getting herself right into the play, her court awareness lead to some great passing up the court. Kiara lifted her intensity with each game adding to the defensive pressure and getting some great steals.  Angela Jumped right into the team playing with us for the first time. She picked up the team plays very quickly and really stepped up to the level of play.  Thank you for playing with us this tournament!
Even through the girls have played many challenging games this season the girls have shown such promising signs of development. They are taking on all experiences with a positive attitude and stepping up to all challenges.  WELL DONE SUPERSTARS,  keep up the great effort. A special thanks to our Team managers Sophia and Grant for keeping our team on time and nice and organised. Thank you parents for supporting the kids and giving up your weekend to basketball. (Prue and Emily – Coaches)


The Dragons girls in 12.3 geared up for their second tournament since starting Rep with much enthusiasm.  The girls ran hard and fought valiantly but were only able to get the one win across the weekend.  However, getting the job done over a well drilled Hawthorn Magic team was a very satisfying highlight for the team.

Playing six games over the weekend was a big ask for 9 and 10-year-olds and they were all exhausted by the time the last whistle blew.  All girls are quickly learning of the sustained effort and intensity that is required to be competitive and this will no doubt help them as they move into the next grading phase.  Importantly the level of teamwork was clearly evident and the girls are showing tremendous improvement in their skills and tenacity week on week.

Special thanks to Issy Begg who stepped in for Zara and played her heart out at the point. (Shane Ridley – Coach)



Friday night started out with a big scare as we came up against some very very tall competition. The girls set a never give up attitude and continued to play with determination.

Saturday we played another 3 games, failing to find any competition our height. Although very tired the girls didn’t give up and continued to improve.

Way too early on Sunday morning at game 5, we finally found a team of similar height!! We had a very competitive game losing by only 2 points. Game 6; our final game we found another tall team. However the girls continued to smile and showed significant improvement from their first game.

Emily and I are looking forward to the season ahead to see the girls continue to improve and hopefully grow a bit taller!!  (Sarah and Emily Bacon – Coaches)


The 14/1 girls had a great tournament and truly showed their potential and their willingness to learn.

The girls ended the pool games 4-2; with both losses coming in the last few seconds of the game. Over the duration of the tournament the girls showed me their desire to work hard and for each other. The amount of growth was incredible both as individuals and as a team, I couldn’t be prouder to coach this fantastic group of girls.

Thanks to the parents and to my wonderful team of ladies for a fantastic weekend. (Cara Jeffers – Coach)


The u14-2 girls came into the tournament low on confidence after tough Southern Pen and grading pools. One of the biggest goals for the tournament was to regain some of the confidence as well as building defensive intensity and learning our structures.
Early in the tournament the signs were promising with a good comeback against Nunawading just falling short followed by a gutsy win over Kilsyth. Then things went a little awry as we dropped our intensity and suffered losses as a result to two teams we could reasonably expect to beat, and then encountered Daramalan college from the ACT who were at the top of their game. Going into the last game against second placed Eltham, we decided to play the game like a grand final and responded brilliantly. The girls stepped up another notch in their defensive pressure and constantly put Eltham under the pump, forcing turnover after turnover and scoreboard pressure. Eltham came back hard in the second half however we steadied with some tight defence to record a 12 point win and play our best basketball for the tournament and for the season so far. What was particularly impressive is that all girls contributed to a very good and even team performance. (Duncan Palmer – Coach)


As coaches, we couldn’t be happier about how the tournament panned out for the 14/3 girls. After a tough loss in our first match against a strong Craigieburn 2 side, the girls did not drop their heads with a convincing win in their second matchup against Wallan 2. Despite losing the following two matches by an agonising 2 points, both of these losses saw the girls fight back with immense character in the second half to significantly lessen the margin, with this comeback story almost becoming the theme of our weekend. Overall, the most pleasing part of the weekend was the improvement showed by each and every girl, with this becoming particularly evident in our Sunday matches. A convincing win over Werribee 3 saw the girls enter a matchup against a much taller and stronger Werribee 2 with confidence. A win in this game would equate to a finals berth, and we could not be prouder of how the girls approached the challenge of the height and strength of an imposing Werribee side. The girls did not waiver in confidence, rather they took the game on and ended up winning in a rather convincing style and we were finals bound. Despite the ‘road trip’ out to Mill Park, it was super exciting to be part of the finals, where we would once again come up against Craigieburn 2. Although Craigieburn jumped out of the blocks, creating a 10 point margin at one stage of the game, the fight and determined character of our team was once again on display, as we forged an inspiring comeback right up to the dying seconds of the game, only loosing by 1 point. Despite loosing the game, it was evident that we won the on-court competition. We are both so proud of this group for their inspiring efforts this weekend. Girls, your improvement and development has been out of sight. You truly all are fighters and we have had so much fun coaching you all and are super excited for the season ahead! To our amazing parent group who cheer and support the team so enthusiastically, thank you for your commitment to the team and a shoutout to our super TM Simone who was vital in organising what really was a truly successful weekend. GO DRAGONS!  (Tiarnie and Vic – Coaches)





We started the tournament and our first game vs Melbourne certainly looking like it was the first game after the Christmas break. We were well and truly outplayed in the first half with a sizable deficit. After half time we got back to basics and played our game style. We lost the game but won the second half showing promising signs for the rest of the weekend.

In our second game the entire team played well and importantly played their roles perfectly. Scores were close at half time with the opposition having one dominant player causing some headaches. The team work hard together on the defensive end of the floor ensuring a hard fought 9-point win against Warrandyte.

Our Saturday night game was a tough, close game all the way against Diamond Valley 6, we had many more shots but too many unlucky rolls hurt us in the end in a close last-minute loss. It was a great effort in executing our plays and trying the structure we had been working on at training.

This tournament proved we were not particularly at our best in the morning games, lucky for us the season is played at night! The team played hard and tried to execute our plays but could not convert enough opportunities in a 10-point loss to Diamond Valley 5.

After a well-deserved swim and a McDonalds lunch we were ready to take on Altona. This was an exciting close hard-fought game where the lead would change numerous times throughout the match. We showed a lot of composure down the stretch to come away with a 2-point win. Every team member contributed and played a key part in the win.

Our last game of the weekend was Sunday night vs Eltham, yet another close hard-fought game that could have gone either way. In the end Eltham were a bit too strong. It was pleasing to have all girls contribute again and to see many of them try what we had taught and discussed.

This tournament was a great way to get rid of the Christmas cobwebs and set us up for the next round of grading.

Many thanks to all the parents for giving up their time this weekend and especially to Sam and Jason for their coaching and team manager assistance. (Mark Newman – Coach)


After a win on Friday night I was confidently thinking we are a chance to go the whole year undefeated.

We haven’t won since. (Glenn Siegle – Coach)


The 16/3 Girls had a great week-end. Everyone enjoyed the time together after the Christmas/New Year break.

We had a good round-robin finishing on top in our section winning 5 of our 6 games.

The girls played well finishing strong is most games and winning by over 20 points in 1 game. We used our time to practice our offence and improve our teamwork and defensive plays.

We entered the finals full of confidence but unfortunately lost the semi-final by 3 points to a team we had previously beaten.

We can take a lot of positives from the weekend and also learned a few things we need to improve on (Free throws – 1 from 8 is not good).

The team is now looking forward to phase 2 this week and keen to continue improving. (Michael Fowler – Coach)


The U16.4 Girls had a fun and competitive weekend despite the 1/5 win/loss record.

We had close losses to Blackburn 3, Blackburn 4 and eventual runner up Ringwood 3.

Our final game was against South Adelaide 2 who won the final quite comfortably and were a very well drilled and polished team.

We played significantly better basketball by the end of the tournament – the rust was apparent in the first couple of games.

Our defense generally held firm but we struggled with shooting and too many turnovers.

The tournament is an excellent way to fast track some preparation for the season ahead and the next round of grading games starting Friday night vs McKinnon.

The girls have made huge improvements since we came together 3 months ago and we are all excited about the season proper getting underway.

A lesson for all Dragons players moving forward – don’t ever turn up to a game with just one basketball shoe!!

Thanks to our TM Tony for keeping us organised and on time and all our parents for their support and driving and lollies!

On a sad note for all lovers of the game – R.I.P. Kobe (Darren West – Coach)


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the tournament of light, it was the tournament of darkness, it was the spring of hope…” Charles Dickens might have been reviewing the G18.2 tournament experience back in the day.

Over the 2020 Eltham Tournament weekend there were no wins for our girls in our results ledger and there was some disappointment with that, but each girl played their heart out in each game. They won their share of contests and learned from others. They are a tight, supportive group that enjoys every week of their basketball journey and while the results didn’t come this weekend, they learnt lots and are now ready for the season ahead. Well done G18.2’s. 😀👍(David Elliston and Michael Gillett – Coaches)


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