Bendigo Bank Camberwell Offer


Bendigo Bank, Camberwell Dragons’ major sponsor would like to inform all Dragon members on the incentives that Bendigo Bank can offer the Dragons when you bank with them.

 We have distributed over $63,000 to our sponsored organisations, as a result of 1,385 accounts having been opened by their members with our four branches since 2011. We hope to pay out much larger amounts in the years to come.

These payments have increased the total amount that we have paid in sponsorships and grans to over $2,200,000 to about 220 organisations in our communities. This is a result of our promise to return 60 per cent of our profits in sponsorships and grants.

The amount paid to your organisation was due to the following number of accounts having been opened with use during the six months to 30 June 2013.


If you are aware of more accounts having been opened by your members with one of our branches, please contact me on

Please view our website to find out more about what we are doing for our communities.

Kind regards

Chairman Juliann Byron


CEO Dick Menting – 0417 357 349


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