Camberwell Dragons_Committee


President: Justin Boyd

Vice President: Kristen Vidovich
Basketball has been a part of my life since I was 8 years old.   I have happily played, coached, scored, team managed and spectated for many years. Fortunately for me I am able to share the love of the game with two of my children.  For the past 4 years my son and daughter have played Rep for Camberwell Dragons. During this time under the guidance of some exceptional coaches and development programs I have watched not only their skills develop but their confidence, compassion, respect and potential lifelong friendships.  As a parent seeing this week after week continues to be a very rewarding experience and I felt it was time to give something back to the Club that has provided my family with so much.  Camberwell Dragons has a fantastic community environment and basketball pathways from Development Squads to Big V founded on solid club values in which players, coaches, referees parents, members and volunteers can thrive and exchange ideas on becoming a better club for all.  We are always open to suggestions on how to make this Great club Greater! As Vice President of the Committee, I am excited to be contributing to the Club’s ongoing development for its players, coaches, referees and members.  It is a great privilege to be part of it. GO DRAGONS !!!

Treasurer: Chen Lay Hwa

I am a passionate supporter of the basketball community at all levels and have been involved with the Camberwell Dragons for over 10 years as a mother of young basketball players, a referee and as a Treasurer. Many coaches past and present have provided wonderful guidance to our two children which I believe has a big part to play in preparing my children entering today’s complex world as an adult. It is my intention to try to give back as much as possible to the club, through my work as a Treasurer and as a referee.

Secretary: Linda Mackenzie

 I started playing basketball when I was 7yo and progressed from Domestic to Rep to Womens State Championship and SEABL.  I grew up in a basketball stadium, mainly Albert Park, and have made lifelong friends along the way, something I hope for my boys.  We began at Camberwell in U12’s in 2012 and both my boys have played since.  We chose Camberwell because of the family feel and the values they believe in.  I decided it was time to help out and join the committee and hopefully my basketball background can help develop this wonderful Club.


Michelle Noisette

I became involved with Camberwell Dragons back in 2012 when my son tried out as a bottom age U12. Since then I have enjoyed being part of a club that is inclusive and cares about the wellbeing and development of their players.  Camberwell Dragons has a great culture and many dedicated individuals who put in a lot of time and effort week after week to keep the club thriving.  I felt it was time I did my bit to give back to the club that has given my son so much.  I encourage everyone to get involved in any way they can to contribute to the growth and development of this wonderful club.


Charlotte Grieve

 I have been involved at Camberwell for 18 years as a player, coach, coordinator and now committee member.




Mark Jeffers

 Georgia Wilson

I have been involved with Camberwell Dragons since 2007 when my daughter Emily started in U12’s, coach Duncan Palmer.  I now have both Emily and Meeghan playing Youth League.  Also, I have been on the Committee for 8 years, have been involved in fundraising, Big V game day Coordinator and as a scorebench person.  I have been involved in the Club as it offers an opportunity for people to engage with the community in a way that promotes inclusiveness, fun and a sense of belonging.

Rachel Bett


VJBL Administrator
Mandy Mathews –

Big V Delegate
Charlotte Grieve –

VJBL Delegate
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